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Burlington, VT, January 24, 2014 – Dealer.com, a leading provider of marketing and operations software and services for the automotive industry, announced that DealerCentric and CarGurus are now included among its list of certified providers. The company’s Certified Provider Program qualifies companies that have proven value, security, efficiency, and return on investment, and assures customers they …

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Like your Internet Manager, consumers are busy people who demand a certain experience when they visit your website. How you invest your marketing dollars can either help or hinder the customer experience you think you’re providing. By streamlining your digital marketing efforts, you can bring consistency to the customer experience and a healthier work-life balance for your ISM. Let’s break it down.

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Mobile web adoption is ramping up eight times faster than the desktop web did in the mid 1990s. With total ad spend on mobile expected to rise from $1.4B in 2009 to $6B in 2014, search marketers and advertisers need to understand how to harness the power of mobile. Everyone needs to begin to understand how this new channel differs from desktop.

February 4th, 2012 • OperationsNo Comments

Dealers are excited to be a part of this year’s NADA convention, and they’re more educated about the digital landscape than ever before. Whereas social media was the hot topic of years past, in 2012 dealers want to know how to meaningfully connect with people in their community over the long term.

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How do shoppers reach a buying decision in today’s socially connected digital landscape?More important, how much more profitable would your business be if you could be first to market reaching these potential customers? Before you invest time, money and energy attending (or following) the upcoming NADA convention in Las Vegas, let’s arm ourselves with a better understanding of how social purchases occur (and the specific ways you can frame the buying conversation before a competitor does).

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The rise of social media has broad and critical implications for automotive retailers. Consumers now have the ability to broadcast their opinions and recommendations to large personal networks via social media. To understand this effect, DriverSide and Dealer.com partnered with GfK Automotive Research on an extensive study.

October 26th, 2011 • Marketing, OperationsNo Comments

There is so much information being thrown at dealers everyday. “You have to do this!” or “you can’t survive without that!” Take social media. In Las Vegas last month, we saw dozens of products, hundreds of experts, and endless strategies on this one topic alone. But beneath all the clamor lies a central truth: the internet has turned traditional marketing on its ear, and brought digital marketing to the forefront of innovation.

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What’s changing in the digital space and how is it going to affect the number of ‘Web Ups’ flowing into your lead management system? Speakers and dealers attending the Digital Dealer Conference invested a major amount of time speaking (mostly) about social and SEO (But there’s a major change that Google just announced which didn’t get a whole lot of airplay). Let’s discuss some specific action steps you can take to improve your digital marketing presence today.

October 6th, 2011 • Marketing, OperationsNo Comments

Digital Dealer 11 has started in Las Vegas, and the hot topic of conversation is how to demystify the social web. How should we set up our Facebook fan page? Will Google ding us if we launch multiple Places pages? What’s the best way to get people to like us?