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Millennials, the generation of Americans born between 1980 and 1995, are the first group to outnumber baby boomers, and are quickly becoming the most important consumers in today’s economy. While they account for 21 percent of all consumer spending, millennials are still promotion sensitive, searching for product information in-store and online, via their social networks …

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Have you ever considered advertising on Facebook? If you follow social media advertising, chances are you’ve heard recent rumors that Facebook has essentially become a scam for advertisers. One video in particular has recently gone viral and attempts to show how click farms have ruined the social media giant. Click farms are overseas companies that attempt to …

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At last week’s Google I/O conference, Director of Google Maps Daniel Brath announced that Google Maps ratings are going to return to a 5 star scale. The move helps simplify listings, and in doing so will likely motivate car shoppers to leave reviews for their dealerships of choice. It’s also part of ongoing enhancements to Google plus. Here’s what dealers need to know about the change.

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92% of consumers trust ‘earned media’, including unpaid recommendations, tips, and social media check-ins (In contrast to 47% of consumers who trust television, representing a 24% decline since 2009). In other words, social credibility matters to your reputation.

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Google+ has more likes than Facebook in terms of how users rank it, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Google’s social layer, which includes location based search tool Google+ Local, tied Wikipedia for top social media site in the survey. Why do customers approve so overwhelmingly of Google’s search plus social mash-up?

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Think blogging is a waste of time? Think again. When done regularly, quality blog posts introduce fresh content to websites. This entices search engines to crawl sites, which in turn helps to promote overall visibility, page rankings, keyword rankings, conversion rates – even backlinks. Of course, it’s not all about key performance indicators (KPIs)..

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Limiting your advertising and conversations to the social web is like a pizza delivery chain spending big bucks to run a TV ad and forgetting to include their phone number. You have to carry the message forward into the social customers research phase, or risk losing out to competitors who freeload off of your initial investment.