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Powered by the industry’s most innovative data-targeting technology, Dealer.com Display drives new customer demand more effectively than ever before. Our technology works by connecting your website and inventory with every major digital advertising exchange, bringing you the following benefits:


Strategic campaigns tailored to your goals.

Targeted campaigns deliver compliant and impactful inventory ads to potential buyers virtually everywhere they travel online, influencing their decisions throughout the path to your showroom.


Buyer targeting, powered by real-time bidding

Unique machine learning and real-time bidding technology identifies buyers in your market, and connects them to inventory, creating the ultimate “online billboard” for your most likely customers.


The highest click- and view-through rates possible

Groundbreaking local-targeting capability, combined with the partnership of trained analysts and strategists dedicated to your specific goals ensure you generate the highest possible click-through and view-through rates, and send more quality traffic to your website.


Optimized formats

HTML5 formatting ensures uniformity of your brand on all internet providers – and all devices.


Compliance and co-op eligibility

Every ad you deliver is configured for compliance, and campaigns are often co-op eligible for no-brainer ROI.

Audience Targeting - DDC/AT/KBB

Audience Targeting, Powered by Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book

With Dealer.com Audience Targeting, you can now reach Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader shoppers and direct them back to your website through Dealer.com’s industry-leading machine learning and real-time bidding automation. It’s the most powerful way to reach a critical audience never-before accessible to you — and to capitalize on existing demand in your market.


Features Include:

  • Dealer.com’s machine learning and real-time bidding, powered by Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book audience data
  • Extensive display inventory across multiple ad networks
  • Roll-up reporting through Dealer.com

Real-Time Bidding, Powered by Machine Learning

Dealer.com Display Advertising leverages unsurpassed real-time bidding, powered by machine learning technology, to reach targeted shoppers with the most relevant ad, every time. With our strategic display exchange partnerships, Dealer.com Display evaluates an unsurpassed number of available advertising impression opportunities, while analyzing prior ad performance, vehicle display page engagement, and browsing trends. The process takes place within the 20 milliseconds it takes to load a web page, and results in your ads being served consistently to the most relevant buyers in your particular market.


Display Fraud Protection

Dealer.com Display Advertising subscribers expect their ads to be viewed by real-life auto shoppers.  But a 2016 Bot Fraud study estimated that $7.2 billion per year are lost globally due to bot-generated, non-human traffic1.


Dealer.com has partnered with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) to start taking major steps in combating advertising fraud. With the likes of Google, Facebook and Yahoo, Dealer.com was one of the first hundred companies to support TAG’s mission2.  By partnering with TAG, Dealer.com can deliver the most cost-efficient, effective, and secure ads possible for your dealership.


Features Include:

  • A regular review of the domains where we are buying ad inventory and a blacklisting of any domains participating in fraud or click-bait activities.
  • Participation in a “domain threat list” with TAG’s anti-fraud community where we exchange information on fraudulent domains.
  • Contribution to the “data center IP list” with TAG to block fraudulent IP addresses from our system.



1 Source: http://www.ana.net/content/show/id/botfraud-2016

2 Source https://tagtoday.net/first100/

Dynamic Vehicle Ads

Dealer.com Dynamic Vehicle Ads put your virtual lot on virtually every website. Matching your specific inventory with extensive shopper data, these ads intelligently – and automatically – place a gallery of your specific vehicles in front of local shoppers across the web.


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