CRM strengthens the relationships that power operational success. Intuitive dashboards efficiently organize customer information and provide visibility for staff at every level of the dealership. Plus, a mobile-first design provides a fully functional CRM experience no matter where you need it.



  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Complete mobility
  • Campaigning
CRM Premium

CRM Premium

  • Pencil Tool
  • Custom Forms
  • In-house Training


  • DMS Certification
  • OEM Lead Certification
  • Credit Bureau Pulling

Automotive CRM with Configurable Dashboards


Intuitive insight and lead management.

CRM is anchored by dashboards specifically tailored for users at every level of the dealership. The Salesperson Dash is built for quick navigation of daily follow-ups, easy appointment tracking and scheduling, and the ability to see how each salesperson is measuring up against his or her peers. The Manager Dash displays everything that’s going on in the dealership – from salespeople to customers – including up-to-date profit numbers and a fully automated desklog showing exactly where customers stand in the sales funnel.

Automotive Dealer CRM - Salesperson Activity Ranking


Power your people.

CRM doesn’t just give you insights into your customers, it shows you exactly how the staff is doing in real time, from their daily appointments and tasks to their CRM database upkeep.

For the first time, staff can see exactly how they’re measuring up to each other, and managers can see who’s a star and who might need some coaching. This visibility helps improve the whole dealership, encouraging healthy competition among sales staff and helping managers expedite better performance.


Experience total mobility.

CRM is built from scratch with mobility in mind, for a consistent and intuitive CRM experience on any screen. Manage tasks, view operations, even speed deals and enhance customer service by running through financing options with customers anywhere in the dealership, instantaneously and “under glass.”

 Automotive CRM - Mobile

CRM Premium

Enhanced technology, for increased control.

CRM Premium enhances your CRM foundation with greater operational visibility, a Pencil Tool for speeding deals, and increased mobile power.

CRM Premium’s Executive Dashboard provides General Managers, Vice Presidents, Chiefs, and Dealer Principals with a top-down view of their overall store or group’s sales volume, gross, pipeline, and rankings. There’s even a configurable “report card” to quickly measure the results that matter most — whether that’s group-wide performance or a side-by-side comparison of individual store sales.

CRM Executive

Pencil Tool

The CRM Premium pencil tool brings financial, vehicle, and customer-specific information together in one streamlined interface, making it possible to desk deals faster than ever before.

Worksheets can be printed with infinite payment options for loans and leases. Plus, the entire customer history is clearly visible without leaving the tool making negotiations easier for both parties. When a customer wants to negotiate, a manager can weigh the monthly payment the customer seeks against the gross that the dealership needs to hold, then roll payments to meet “in the middle.”

CRM Pencil Tool

Call Recording

With CRM Premium’s Call Recording feature, you can truly know that calls are actually being made, and listen to the results.

Every call is stored in the customer history, with clear reports showing how many calls your sales agents made and how long they spent on the phone. Call recordings can be made from any phone, so no special system is required.

Finally, if you’re in a “two-party” state, the audio recording can be turned off but you will still know how much time was spent on the call, assuring that customers are still being contacted.

Data and DMS Integration

Starting fresh with CRM does not mean you also have to start all over again. CRM automatically delivers your hard-earned customers and prospects with a data import and/or a historical DMS pull. Imports are performed regularly to ensure finalized or booked opportunities are tracked within CRM and used to keep follow-ups flowing and reporting up to date. The combination of this DMS data integration and the pencil tool puts complete deal history onscreen when presenting payments, so managers have all the insight they need to put deals together.

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