Centralized campaign coordination, execution, and monitoring.

Dedicated social professionals create and monitor content that builds brand loyalty and delivers campaigns to a massive audience instantly. Campaigns are aligned with your overall digital strategy and brand guidelines to ensure complete message consistency across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Social comment and review monitoring enable you to view all social interactions, and recommend appropriate responses to any negative escalations.

Invaluable dealership content, across every major social network.

Professional social management ensures that your brand is engaging your local community and attracting fans across the major social media channels. Campaign messaging, community involvement, sponsorships, and events showcasing your charitable efforts are all invaluable social content. By partnering with Managed Social, your dealership’s multi-faceted involvements will stay top-of-mind for a growing social media fan base.

Manage your community, directly from ControlCenter. Social Tools centralize and streamline the brand-building power of every major social media channel. Easy-to-use features focus on the four most critical aspects of dealership social strategy: group-wide reputation management, content generation and publication, inventory marketing, and analytics. All combine into one intuitive interface, aligning your social marketing into your overall digital strategy.

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