Captivating videos to drive engagement.

Across the network, dealers using Carflix® video technology on their websites experience 78 percent more vehicle details page (VDP) views than dealers without video. That’s because Carflix excites and intrigues shoppers with dynamic, pro-quality, narrated videos for every vehicle in your inventory, engaging more shoppers through video’s emotional appeal and driving more conversions. In addition to increased VDP views, Carflix videos keep shoppers on your site longer, whether it’s time spent researching other inventory or exploring different elements of your website. And because each video contains an SEO-friendly video blog post, your vehicles’ search visibility will capture more shoppers’ attention.


Pro-quality videos, generated automatically.

Each Carflix video is completely automated, requiring no technical knowledge or video staff. Snap your own vehicle photos, upload the images, and Carflix automatically generates compelling inventory videos. HumanVoice technology provides automated and authentic voice narration, so there’s no need to write video script.


Configurable and trackable.

Carflix technology provides easy adjustability, enabling users to configure videos to meet their needs. Each video’s impact is trackable through integrated analytics in ControlCenter, providing valuable insight into shoppers’ browsing habits.



Video Analytics Control Center

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