Learn the latest on every product and service.

Step-by-Step Learning Resources

Whether you need to get multiple rooftops trained up on our products, or you simply want to create a special or edit a page, we’ve got you covered. ControlCenter places over 80 tutorials at your fingertips. These self-guided resources cover every product, and go deep into how to get the most out of every feature. Quick, hands-on, and task-based, they’re the shortest path between you and complete mastery. Plus, they can be accessed anytime, by anyone at your dealership.

Interactive Webinars

For a deeper training dive, our training experts host free weekly webinars spanning over 15 digital topics. This Web-based training allows you to work your tools alongside our experts and ask questions as you go. Sessions are organized by topic right within ControlCenter, with multiple scheduling options to choose from.

On-Site Training and Events

Dealer.com product experts and digital thought leaders love working directly with dealers, and appear throughout the year at industry learning events. In depth on-site training is also available. If you feel your dealership could benefit from a visit from our experts, talk to your Digital Advisor, and we’ll work with you to set up a complete program.

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