Boosts its Green Power with new Solar Panel Array

Draker Installs One of Burlington’s Largest Solar Arrays on Company’s Rooftop
November 7, 2012 (Burlington, VT) –, the global leader in digital marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced it has completed the installation of a 50 kW roof-mounted solar panel array. The project began on October 8, and features 216 panels that cover approximately 7,000 sq ft of the company’s rooftop, the largest privately-owned project of this type in the City of Burlington.
“This is a very exciting and ambitious program that demonstrates our commitment to operating with a lighter footprint,” said Mike Lane, COO of  “This solar array system will produce 53,700 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean, renewable energy annually. Draker served as a great partner on this project, overseeing the design and install, and helped us implement a solar array system that would produce tangible, impactful results.”
During’s non-operating hours, the system will actually produce power to offset the consumption on the Burlington Electric power grid. Additionally, the solar array is designed to “net meter” the power generated from the field, thereby lowering’s energy consumption and reducing the amount of kilowatt hours consumed during hours of operation.
As a partner on this project, Draker provided a complete monitoring system that will allow to ensure optimal performance of their solar system. Additionally, Draker will use this array to develop and test the next generation of its industry leading monitoring, management and control solutions for commercial and utility-scale PV systems.
In addition to Draker, also partnered with Building Energy Corp. on system integration, and Pratt & Smith Electric on the extensive electrical infrastructure for the project.
About Draker
Since 1999 Draker has led the industry with innovative monitoring, management and control solutions for commercial and utility-scale PV systems. Draker’s products and services allow PV developers, owners and operators to predict, measure, monitor, manage, optimize and control their solar assets to increase yield and maximize profitability. Draker’s complete panel-to-grid (P2G) solutions include data acquisition and control hardware, Intelligent Array software, and a wide range of project and field-based services. For more information please visit our new website at