Launches Highly Anticipated ‘Social Relationship Manager’

February 5, 2011 (Burlington, VT), the global leader in online marketing solutions for auto dealers, today announced the addition of a comprehensive social media package to its platform. With over 90% of car buyers shopping online and Americans spending 25% of their time online on social networking sites, the new “Social Relationship Manager” (SRM) meets the essential digital needs of dealers in this increasingly critical arena. The solution offers a unique three-prong approach to managing a dealership’s social presence – Listen, Talk, Connect – through seven current streamlined features.

“We’ve developed the industry’s most complete set of integrated tools to help dealers navigate the social media playing field and leverage it to their competitive advantage,” said Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at “SRM makes it easy for dealers to watch what people are saying and protect their online reputations, develop relevant content to post and ultimately build a greater dealer brand. That is what social media is about.”

The seven SRM features included at launch are Reputation Monitor, Dealer Ratings, Social Syndication, Content Suggestor, Facebook Social Applications, SmartBar and Social Analytics – all accessible through a single login and available as part of the website platform.

The solution is designed with the flexibility to enable both dealers and any social media services agencies they choose to access and use it directly, although the tools and metrics will reside on the dealer’s platform.

The SRM includes two “Listen” tools that help dealerships know what customers and potential customers are saying about their business – Reputation Monitor and Dealer Ratings. These features allow dealers to track conversations by collecting comments, reviews and ratings from a bevy of online sources, measure the impact and quantify their brands’ reputations. The tools include a snapshot feature for quick updates on whether the conversation is positive, negative or neutral, as well as tools for more in-depth analysis.

“Talk” tools include a Social Syndicator and Content Suggestor, which allow dealerships to more efficiently participate in online conversations and build a social media following. With a single login page, social media channels can be accessed and digital strategy managed simultaneously. Blog posts, content sharing, status updates and comments can be scheduled in advance or updated on different sites simultaneously, and the Content Suggestor offers relevant news feeds and industry updates from OEMs, major auto blogs and review sites that dealers may want to post themselves.

The Social Relationship Manager includes new ways for dealers to “Connect” with their followers and better manage their social relationships. A Facebook Social Application seamlessly integrates a dealer’s existing Facebook profile into the SRM platform, or creates new ones with applications for dealer inventory, vehicle videos and incentives. The SmartBar feature integrates social channels into one central website toolbar, so consumers stay on the dealer’s web page while experiencing its social media offerings.

Finally, a Social Analytics Dashboard helps dealers to analyze what social media is doing for their business.