Releases Online Retailer Platform Enhancements

February 13, 2010 (Burlington, VT) –, the global leader of online marketing solutions for auto dealers, today announced highlights of numerous upgrades and new products and services.’s comprehensive online marketing platform continues to evolve with technological advancements and was the first of its kind in the automotive industry. As a key component of the company’s extensive research and development (R&D) investment, the unified platform provides enterprise-level online marketing, with the latest tools and an even more intuitive user interface. The single-login platform enhancements benefit automotive dealers, dealer groups, OEMs and media agencies by allowing more effective online marketing management and decreasing overall costs.

The platform upgrades include significant video product development, enhanced video-rich websites, mobile website advancements, updated incentives manager, social media integrated blogging tools and online reputation management. The user interface is even faster and more intuitive, creating more efficiency for dealers, dealer groups and manufacturer networks. Further, CarFlix™ Video and CarFlix™ Video SmartSites allow advanced inventory merchandising. They include vehicle-specific incentive information in multiple locations, including vehicle details pages and home page slide shows to create a more engaging customer experience and higher conversion rates.

In addition, TotalControl DOMINATOR™ paid search upgrades now allow dealers to compare pay per click (PPC) campaign results across all major search engines, in a single location. Paid search performance on Bing, Yahoo, Google and all automotive related sites on the Google network can now be compared in real-time to allocate funds to the highest performing campaigns and maximize the return on PPC spending. In the past, comparing paid search results on different search engines required monitoring individual sites, all with separate logins and interfaces, and manually analyzing results to allocate funds. Now, with TotalControl DOMINATOR™ advancements, dealers can monitor all results in a single location to make faster, more efficient paid search spending decisions. Additional features include the industry’s most advanced target marketing that lets dealers advertise used cars with a national foot print, and new cars in more defined geographic regions around their dealerships.

“We have a very strategic R&D focus that drives online marketing leadership and technological innovation for our customers,” commented Dean Evans, chief marketing officer. “It’s not enough to just add a new widget or new feature to help automotive online retailers and OEMs succeed today. Rather, the most successful online players leverage the power of a fully integrated online marketing platform, one that allows seamless integration and management of all initiatives including social media, in a single location, from a single provider. This consolidation decreases overall online marketing costs and increases efficiency for customers.”