New Study Reveals Growing Influence of Social Media on Auto Purchase Decisions

October 10, 2011 (Burlington, VT) –, the global leader in automotive internet marketing solutions, in partnership with DriverSide and GfK Automotive, today announced the results of a study that shows that information on social media networks – such as status updates, comments and “likes” – plays a significant and expanding role in helping car-buyers determine which brands, models and dealerships to consider, and which ones to drop, when shopping for a new vehicle. The results also point to the role of advocacy between consumers as a powerful force, and underscore the importance for dealers and manufacturers to continue to engage with buyers; especially after the purchase when consumers are bonding with their new vehicle and are highly likely to broadcast their new car and purchase experience on social media channels.

The study, entitled The Rise of Loyalty, Advocacy and Influence: Social Media and the New Automotive Buying Cycle, examines how social media influences different stages of the car shopping process among nearly 2,000 consumers who had recently purchased a new vehicle or were looking to purchase one within the next 12 months.  The study also explores the impact of consumer advocacy on loyalty. Findings from the study point to early signs of a trend that social media will progressively grow in influence as people increasingly turn to it as a shopping resource. The study also finds that social media use among consumers who consider themselves loyal to at least one dealer or manufacturer is higher than those who have no loyalty, underlining how critical it is for dealers and manufacturers to build, nurture and maintain positive relationships with their customers after they drive their new car off the lot.

“We are witnessing the evolution of the automotive purchase cycle, which takes into account the rapidly growing influence of social media on the car-buying process,” said Kevin Root, Chief Product Officer of, who directed the study. “Dealers and manufacturers need to recognize the importance of this new person-to-person marketing phenomenon, where the advocacy of others is increasingly more valuable to consumers than traditional marketing. By making social media an integral part of the marketing mix, they can turn customers into loyalists and advocates, and through them, favorably impact decisions of others about what car to buy and whom to buy it from.”

Significant findings from the study include the following:

  • 38 percent of new vehicle shoppers said they used or will use social media to research their next vehicle purchase.
  • Of those who used Facebook while shopping, 41 percent said they saw a post that caused them to add a brand or model to their consideration; similarly, 28 percent said they saw a posting that caused them to add a dealership to their consideration.
  • Approximately 25 percent of buyers use social media post-purchase to broadcast their purchase and ownership experience, showing a high level of engagement after the purchase. This number jumps to 33 percent for those loyal to a particular brand, and 37 percent for those loyal to a dealership.
  • Of those who were loyal to a brand, 44 percent are very or somewhat likely to recommend that brand to their social networks; among those loyal to a dealership, that number is 47 percent.

Methodology, DriverSide and GfK Automotive  partnered to conduct web-based self-administered survey exploring the impact of social media on the car buying process. The research included nearly 2,000 consumers who had recently purchased a new vehicle or were planning on purchasing a new vehicle within the next 12 months and had already started shopping.

A white paper analyzing the implications of the research findings for OEMs and dealers will be available for free download late November 2011; you can pre-sign-up today for a copy of the white paper at

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