Unique Service for Automotive OEM and Large Dealer Group Online Marketing

March 17, 2009 (Burlington, VT) – Dealer.com, the leading provider of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced the full-scale launch of the Enterprise Solutions Division, a specialized group devoted exclusively to meeting the needs of OEM and large dealer group clients. The development of the division began over a year and a half ago and has since grown into a unique team that provides OEMs and large dealer groups unmatched flexibility, scalability, speed to launch, network reliability and proven success.

The investment in the research and development required to envision and perfect the division is an important part of the continuous development Dealer.com engages in to keep all clients, regardless of size, two to four years ahead of the competition.

As a testament to the effectiveness of the Enterprise Solutions Division and the account management services for clients of all sizes, Dealer.com ranks at the top of the rigorous Net Promoter(R) Score (NPS) survey of customer service in the nation’s software industry.

The Enterprise Solutions Division advanced strategically as new automotive consumer needs and markets developed. The division provides both technology and marketing prowess for clients, and a unique understanding of OEM and large dealer group operations. The division has been perfecting and formalizing its processes and services for more than a year and a half and provides seamless integration at both corporate and dealership levels. As a discrete division, the group delivers fast, flexible, scalable results for OEMs and large dealer groups.

Dealer.com chief technology officer Rick Gibbs heads the group’s executive leadership and has been involved in its development from inception.

“We are dedicated to the success of all of our clients,” commented Gibbs. “We developed a customized Dealer.com solution to service OEMs and large dealers groups as we extended our consulting and work with our larger clients. Strategically we developed the technology and service solutions required to provide an extremely flexible and customizable solution for both decision makers at the corporate level and dealers at an individual level. We now have a truly unique, specialized, dedicated division to meet OEM and large dealer group needs, while simultaneously providing leading-edge online marketing solutions to clients of all sizes.”