Driving the transformation of an industry. 

Engineers at Dealer.com are transforming automotive retailing. Founded by technologists, we’ve built a world-class software platform for auto dealers, all from the ground up – innovation by innovation, sprint by sprint.

We’re looking for thinkers at every stage in their career who are ready to help take that tech-driven tradition to the next level. There’s no dress code, and we’re not big on formal hierarchies. All we ask is that you check your ego at the door, and apply your full intellectual intensity to the biggest challenges in our industry.

Solve problems, creatively and collaboratively.

At Dealer.com, engineering is about solving problems, and sharing both successes and accountability. Sometimes the problem is small, requiring only some bug fixes. Other times the problem is huge, and requires incredible creativity and persistence to solve. In either case, teams band together as a unit, succeeding and learning with autonomy. “Here, the team is the hero and failure is an option, as long as you ‘fail fast’ and keep learning. We are forever learning” – Bryan Landerman, CTO.

Develop with agility and impact.

Dealer.com rose from startup to category leader through relentless innovation and adaptation – a legacy which continues to sustain our culture. Our sprint teams are structured for agility and rapid innovation, good ideas can quickly turn into great products. Bring your passion and energy, because it will be noticed, and the technology you develop one month might be in a dealership the next.

Engineering Careers

Share in developing a team, showcase your individual influence, solve for complex industry challenges, be agile and connect with a community culture that is driven by tech tradition. Each of our locations offer unique cultural experiences that collectively contribute to the vibrant Dealer.com culture, where we thrive as a team, creating products that help transform an industry.

At Dealer.com we’re always looking for great talent, and as a Dealertrack Technologies solution we encourage candidates to apply and search for opportunities through our combined career portal.


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