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Behavior Insights

Behavior Insights

Behavior Insights’s Forging a New Path

Today’s customers expect more from the digital car buying experience. They don’t compare experiences between dealers, but between the best digital experiences they have. They demand the fastest, best path to what they want…. and they want you to deliver it. At this is our driving force – not individual products, not fancy technology for technology’s sake, just solutions that solve problems.

We are focused on driving enduring value for dealers by unlocking the customers behind your data to deliver leads and sales for dealers. Our last twenty years have been dedicated to forging technology for Dealers to apply… Our next twenty years are dedicated to building experiences based on customer insights to drive dealership growth.

Behavior Insights

With over 1.8 billion customer data points, the industry’s largest database, and the power of Cox Automotive brands such as Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader and VinSolutions, has the data to drive the deepest digital insights that convert shopper’s desires to sales.


Each and every day we strive for progress in everything we do, from our customers to our culture in small steps and giant leaps. We won’t offer dealers flash-in-the-pan tactics – only proven solutions that work. We listen, learn and make continuous progress on our solutions. Our enhancements are based on facts, research and real consumer behavior.

Enduring Value

We create a seamless and lasting connection between the right dealers and high-value customers. Together, we will work as a team, providing you with a single point of contact, trained and experienced automotive digital marketing experts, and a renewed focus on accountability for your online strategy and success and create enduring value in all that we do.

our solutions

Attract, engage, and convert online shoppers at every stage of their journey. With the industry’s digital marketing leader, you’ll bring business intelligence, insights, and expertise to your dealership with a progressive, end-to-end solution.

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Auto Dealer Websites
Bring your unique dealership experience to every shopper online with a personalized digital storefront.
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Dealership Managed Services
Managed Services
Drive more sales with custom digital content using agency-grade SEO, social, and creative experts.  
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Automotive Digital Retailing
Digital Retailing
Accelerate sales with powerful tools from Cox Automotive.
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Find your most likely buyers using insights to drive targeted advertising campaigns.
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Let’s get started

Like you, we work every day to forge the shortest and most personalized path to customer engagement and dealership growth.

Together we can be the driving force for sales and service and set your dealership apart.