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See how the new Specials Campaign Manager simplifies specials creation.

Program News

News curated for FCA Retailers direct from your Dealer.com team.

Your Dealer.com FCA Team is pleased to bring you the FCA Retailer Partnership Portal. This space is designed to keep you more informed about relevant program news, product and service information related to your FCA Retailer Website, direct from your Dealer.com Team.

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Experience Optimization

New! Personalized Shopping with Experience Optimization

Powered by technology and insights only available from Dealer.com, our AWA-award winning Experience Optimization technology creates real-time, data-driven personalization across your website and gets shoppers in front of the vehicles and specials that matter most to them. Easily turn a shopper’s journey into tangible results by personalizing their experience, with relevant vehicle recommendations and personalized offers based on data from Autotrader, kbb.com, and previous website visit behavior.


Contact your Dedicated Subaru Digital Strategist or Field Team Strategist to learn more about this product.

Seamless Shopping

Digital Retailing customized for FCA Retailers.

FCA Seamless Shopping delivers a progressive online digital retailing experience customized for FCA Retailers and optimized for FCA shoppers. Shoppers can initiate their vehicle purchase online and even save their progress and return to it later, all while Retailers control key stages in the online retailing experience.

Dealer.com Advertising

Unlimit your reach!

Dealer.com Advertising makes it possible to influence consumer demand at every stage of today’s digitally-driven shopping process. Integrated ad campaigns use advanced data-targeting capability to reach likely in-market buyers across paid search, display, social and video channels. No other advertising solution that is as innovative, efficient and effective.

Dealer.com Managed Content & Creative

In collaboration with your FCA Digital Strategist, our talented team of professional Digital Campaign Coordinators and Graphic Designers craft original content for your marketing campaigns, including homepage slideshows, landing pages, digital ads, and much more. Because our team is fluent in both your strategy and the Dealer.com platform, we are able to deliver professional-quality campaigns that meet even the most aggressive deadlines, while adhering to FCA compliance specifications.

Dealer.com Managed Social

Dedicated social professionals create and monitor content that builds brand loyalty and delivers campaigns to FCA shoppers in your market area. Campaigns are aligned with your overall digital strategy and brand guidelines to ensure complete message consistency across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. Social comment and review monitoring enable you to view all social interaction, and recommend appropriate responses to any negative escalations.

Dealer.com Managed SEO

There’s no shortcut to the top of the search results pages. Retailers who embrace SEO as part of a holistic digital strategy centered on engaging, high-impact content will garner the greatest search engine visibility, and the traffic and leads that follow. Our SEO experts will work with each retailer to understand specific goals and draw from industry-leading search engine expertise. You’ll enjoy enhanced visibility and elevated website engagement and leadflow – all delivered with maximum efficiency.

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