4 Key Benefits of the Certified Provider Program


Oct 04 11:52 am


Imagine what the Internet would be like without sharing and partnership. Businesses would operate as disparate digital entities. Customers would tend to visit a much smaller pool of websites. No more sharing tweets on Facebook or pinning Instagram photos to Pinterest. RSS feeds would be no more. File sharing, vanquished. Goodbye iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, etc. The Internet that we know today would simply be inconceivable.

Whatever you want to call it: web syndication, site integration, digital partnerships – these relationships do many things for industries of all kinds. They increase visitor traffic, drive website demand, and generate more revenue. More importantly, these relationships improve users’ Internet experience.

The Dealer.com Certified Provider Program (CPP) was created for many of these same reasons. We’ve created – and continue to invest in – strategic relationships with organizations that provide proven software and services that complement our platform. While the program will continue to grow and evolve, here are four essential beliefs on which it’s founded:

1) Complete technological integration. Dealer.com is the first and only automotive digital marketing vendor of its kind to open up its platform to a Certified Provider Program. Providers’ data and insights all flow through ControlCenter – our single login backend interface for dealer websites – enhancing digital marketing power and efficiency.  Other digital providers offer integrations of their own, but none through a marketing platform as robust as ControlCenter.

2) Data privacy. Rest assured, every one of our Certified Providers must have Dealer.com-specific TRUSTe verification for the highest standard in consumer data privacy and must have a proven track record of success for dealerships across the Dealer.com network

3) Flexibility and scale. The Certified Provider Program is designed to grow and evolve however necessary to support dealerships and create a central platform for their digital needs.

4) Easy upgrades. Retail Upgrade Center is the ControlCenter-accessible order services platform that allows dealers to purchase products online. It is driven by the vision to potentially evolve into an open source application software marketplace, much like Apple’s iOS App Store.

No matter how big the Certified Provider Program grows or how small it remains, the caliber of its products’ benefits, quality, and security will always be top-of-mind. To learn more about the Certified Provider Program, click here, or Dealer.com clients can visit the Retail Upgrade Center in ControlCenter.

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