Case Study in Digital Advertising Success: Cavender Toyota


Jul 23 12:03 pm


The Unified Advertising Exchange Powers a San Antonio Dealership from 60th to 20th in National Sales Volume

Cavender Toyota Interior Overview
Cavender Toyota Digital Advertising Results at a Glance:
113% Increase in Total Unique Website Visits
143% Increase in Total Leads
337% Increase in Total Pageviews


In 2012, the senior management team at San Antonio-based Cavender Toyota initiated a new digital marketing strategy designed to elevate their store from  competitor to leader in the San Antonio market. The team built their new approach around the Unified Advertising Exchange and three key implementation steps: 

  • Build from the website out
    Recognizing that any digital advertising campaigns would need a high-performing website to successfully convert traffic, Cavender’s Digital Marketing Director, Julie Chisum, devoted resources to ensuring her website was meticulously maintained. She started by assembling a Mobile Lot Capture team dedicated to adding pre-owned vehicles to Cavender’s website as soon as they hit the lot, then added a graphic designer to produce content for custom landing pages built through’s website composer. “Everything starts with the website,” Chisum noted. “We wanted to be first out with every message and have totally trustworthy inventory pages.”
  •  Go cold turkey with “analog” advertising
    Next, Cavender cancelled its radio and print advertising, and focused its advertising budget on connected paid search, display, retargeting and mobile-specific campaigns through the Unified Advertising Exchange.  Chisum partnered with Media Consultants throughout this transition to digital to help refine Cavender’s media mix, gauge the ROI of every digital investment, and make strategic adjustments.
  • Stand out with Social
    Finally, after discovering none of its competition was advertising on Facebook, and few competitors were using it effectively, the Cavender team sensed an opportunity to stand out. The team quickly developed a content strategy focused on helpful vehicle tips and community information, and invested in the Unified Advertising Exchange’s social advertising tool, Managed Facebook Advertising, to help grow the Cavender social fanbase and reach auto intenders through ads.

Within a year of implementing their connected retargeting, paid search, display and social campaigns, Cavendar’s overall web traffic increased by 30%, and the dealership vaulted from #60 in nationwide Toyota sales to #20.  Beyond sales, Cavender’s digital strategy lifted its brand: It’s Facebook fanbase rose from 300 fans to 2,200, and its social presence created true brand ambassadors – “raving fans” whose testimonials Cavender uses on its website. 

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