Connecting to Your Customers Through Social Media


Feb 24 09:10 pm


Social media is more than just publishing status updates on Twitter or posting special deals on Facebook. Social media is about connecting on an emotional level with your consumers to help build brand affinity with your dealership.

It’s tempting to plaster your Facebook page with daily specials and information on your newest vehicle but that is not what’s going to jumpstart a relationship with your consumer.

Think of it this way, if you’re at a party and you’re meeting someone for the first time, you wouldn’t say “Hi, I’m Katrina and I have special deal for you.” If you did, most likely that person is going to walk away and find someone else to talk to. However, if you introduce yourself and start a conversation to find out what you both have in common, you might end up with a new friend. Social media works the same way.  People aren’t there to be sold something; they’re there because they want to be a part of a community.

Know Thy Customer

Marketing 101 tells you to know your customer.  What do your consumers want? They want to feel like they made the right decision by purchasing from your dealership. They might be looking for deals or specials; but more than likely they are looking for a sense of community. They are looking to share information with people who share similar interests. They want to feel connected.

Find out more about your customers by using the various review sites out there and listening to what your consumers are saying. You can then tailor your social media plan to help grow your message and foster positive relationships.

Connect with Your Consumer

Subaru does a great job of selling a brand not just an all wheel drive vehicle. There is a certain person who buys a Subaru Outback. They’re sporty and adventurous. When people buy a Subaru Outback they feel emotionally connected to an active community. How can you offer the same connectedness to your customers?

If you position your dealership as a resource for your brand in your local market, you’ll give them a good reason for joining your page and engaging in the conversation.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of coming up with fresh content. There are plenty of ways to easily get quality content to post.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Post information about your charitable donations. This shows you care about your local community.
  2. Post pictures of events you sponsor. People love photos, even more they love photos of themselves.
  3. Offer tips on how to maintain your vehicle i.e. proper air pressure for your tires, when should you get an oil change, rotate tires, etc.
  4. Use content already available. Tools like the Content Suggestor, find quality content from automotive blog sites, review sites news feeds and more. There is content already out there just waiting for you to post.

As tempting as posting your specials may be, take time to really think about how to listen, talk and connect with your consumer so that you build a life-long relationship and keep them coming back to your dealership. recently unveiled the new SocialRelationship Manager™ allowing dealers to easily build, maintain and monitor their social media efforts.

See what our customers are saying about our new social media tool:

“With’s new tool for managing your online reputation, it’s going to make it so much easier. If you have multiple stores, you have to do so many Facebook updates a day, and you have to remember how many tweets you’ve done. With’s tool you’ll be able to be on their platform and launch it out to the world and not have to multiple social media platforms.” – Kendall Burger, Hansel Auto Group

“We know social media is a critical environment for dealers to be engaged in. developed a tool to help their dealers succeed.  “What I like best about it is it enables me as a dealer to both listen and to speak to my audience, my customers on a platform that is so simple to use. – Dan Boismer, The Suburban Collection

Find out more about the SocialRelationship Manager.

by Katrina VanTyne, Marketing Content Strategist

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