Consumers Still Browsing Dealer Sites Despite Sales Dips


Mar 11 05:49 pm
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After a record-breaking 2013, auto sales started weaker this year, with many analysts attributing the slow start to the unusually cold and snowy winter, keeping customers from frequenting dealer showrooms. While it may have had some impact on sales, the good news is that traffic to dealer websites remains strong.

It was just the mid-1990s when weather could monumentally alter sales figures. Today, however, habits have dramatically changed, and shoppers get to the point-of-purchase by researching online. The industry’s aggressive focus to drive website traffic through increased digital advertising is certainly keeping the page views flowing — we saw a 25% increase in dealership traffic on President’s Day and a 65% increase in dealer ad spend during this holiday period across the network.

Dealers are also getting more aggressive with mobile strategies, pushing advertisements and incentives on mobile devices to target in-market shoppers. As warmer weather approaches, mobile advertising spend will remain a strong trigger point for dealers as it has the potential to compel consumers to action and change buying behavior quickly.

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