Cookies, Milk & Video: Common Sense for Your Website from the Supermarket Dairy Case


May 02 04:00 am


Semi-useless fact #3641: Milk is the most commonly sought after item at the grocery store. This is only semi-useless information because as dealers, we can learn something from it that can help us sell more cars. How? I’m crazy? Read on.
Have you ever noticed where most supermarkets put the milk aisle? It’s usually as far from the front door as possible. This is by design, because shoppers coming in to buy milk have to traverse the entire store to the dairy case, thus making it more likely they’ll get sucked into buying additional items, like Oreos for example. After all, what goes better with milk then a few cookies?
The business model is simple: The longer you spend grazing the other aisles in the store, the more likely additional items will end up in your shopping cart.
Coincidence? I think not. And that’s the lesson.
Just as the placement of milk in the supermarket increases the likelihood of other purchases, inventory and other videos on your website increase the engagement of the online car shopper.
Video is a proven tool for anchoring visitors to your website.  Video reinforces content, can boost your SEO, keeps your customers engaged emotionally, and most importantly keeps them on your website longer.  That’s why it’s no surprise clients who add video to their digital marketing mix experience an average of 140% higher conversion rate, in addition to 4 times longer time on site and 3 times more page views.
It’s 2012, so I have to ask:
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