Don’t Sell Your Dealership Short


Jun 22 04:31 pm
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To create an optimal internet marketing plan of attack, Tom O’Leary, VP of Sales at, says you have to use Paid Search, or Pay-Per-Click.

“Pay-Per-Click acts as an equalizer,” says Tom O’Leary, Vice President of Sales for “If you acquire a vehicle on trade, rather than take it to the wholesaler for a small margin, you can advertise with Paid Search and turn a profit. What matters is that you have the exact vehicle a potential buyer is looking for, and Pay-Per-Click is that link between potential buyers and your lot.”

Google may be the simplest advertising model ever created, but it is also a powerful advertising company. The key is matching a consumers search terms with what you’re advertising. Don’t sell your dealership short by ignoring the opportunities that Pay-Per-Click offers. Ask your internet marketing provider to walk you through the process of Pay-Per-Click, then give it a try, so your dealership can fully benefit from one of the simplest, most effective advertising tools available.

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