Four Opportunities to Take Advantage of Vehicle Listings Pages’ Vast Visibility


Dec 22 01:21 pm
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Most car shoppers are landing on your website to search your inventory.


Which is why, as gateway pages for your dealership’s inventory, your vehicle listings pages (VLPs) need to be as informative, inviting, and intuitive as possible to drive shoppers toward the vehicles in which they are interested.

VLPs’ prime digital real estate presents a critical opportunity to selectively display dealership offers singly to researching shoppers. The following four tips will enhance VLP design and function, and will help increase shopper engagement and improve the digital shopping experience:

1. Place a ‘call to action’ on VLPs – If you are trying to drive traffic toward inventory featuring a specific offer, a simple call to action message will go a long way toward converting more traffic.  For example, direct shoppers to click on your ePrice button or call your dealership to help guide them toward the next step in the shopping process.

2. Focus attention on the inventory you need to move – Let’s say you have too many units of one model. Start moving that inventory by introducing it to shoppers with low APR or great lease rates, highlighted in a tile at the top of VLPs where the most eyes will be looking.

3. Entice shoppers with different models – Often, a shopper arrives at the VLP with the intent to view all inventory of a certain model. At the top of that model’s VLP, you can place a lease offer or incentive for another similar model, bringing awareness to inventory you might need to move and/or delivering to the shopper the model he or she wanted in the first place.

4. Use VLPs for non-inventory-related strategy – VLPs can boost lead generation or help resolve public relations issues. Say your phone leads are down. Create a reason for shoppers to call your dealership directly with a call to action at the top of your VLPs. Perhaps your dealership experienced recent service department issues. Tell your customers about the improved efficiencies resulting from your revamped service bays with a feature tile about it on the top of your VLPs.

Remember, most shoppers are landing on your vehicle listings pages because they’re interested in your inventory. Be careful not to push vehicle listings too far down the actual page. Taking this into consideration, by following a well-focused VLP strategy that highlights selective offers, incentives, and dealership news, you’ll help to ensure your messages’ visibility.

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