Four Questions All Dealers Should Be Asking Their Digital Advisor


Jun 20 02:20 pm
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Your Digital Advisor, or “DA,” is your guide to the experience. He or she is a key member of your marketing team, far more than just a voice on the other end of the line for day-to-day website configurations and troubleshooting. Digital Advisors are your proactive partners in digital marketing, dedicated to your dealership’s success.

Engaging your DA through frequent conversations may be the difference that helps your dealership achieve – and exceed – its goals. Digital Advisors have a wealth of industry knowledge, informed strategy, and a mission to drive more traffic to your website and deliver more shoppers to your showroom. The following list contains four essential questions all dealers should be asking their Digital Advisor to tap into his or her abilities and expertise:

1. Is my website aligned with today’s digital environment? – The days of shoppers visiting multiple dealership lots are over. In fact, a recent study found that today’s car shopper visits 1.6 dealerships before making a purchase, which is down from five dealerships a decade before. This means that your website is now your showroom and driving the right traffic and conveying the correct message when shoppers arrive have never been more important. To help you achieve this, complete collaboration with your Digital Advisor is critical. Share your business goals with your DA who will help create and implement digital marketing strategies to accomplish them. Everybody wants to “sell more cars,” but if your DA knows, for example, certain models, dealership promotions or competitors on which you want to focus, he or she can help you dial in your digital marketing efforts.

2. Is my current digital marketing performance meeting my business expectations? Does it need be adjusted to meet future objectives? – With robust analytics viewable in ControlCenter, and new Seamless Websites features such as heat and widget mapping, your DA can help you determine what elements of your strategy are working, and what areas need development. Every dealership is unique so every strategy will perform differently at the dealership level. Your DA can also connect you to resources beyond ControlCenter. Whether you’re interested in complete campaign coordination, execution, and management through Managed Services, a conversation with a data analyst, or a strategy review from an SEO expert, your DA is the gateway to our vast network of top digital minds and automotive experts – all here to help your dealership exceed its expectations.

3. Are there additional ways to configure my products and services to best meet the needs of my dealership?  – Your DA can help you get the most out of the experience. For example, DAs can: arrange your welcome dashboard goals to get up-to-date metrics on website performance; show you how to view advertising performance and evaluate different possible strategies through our Unified Advertising Dashboard; or, empower you with Inventory Lifecycles, our latest inventory management tool, which provides centralized insight into every vehicle on your lot, delivering unprecedented pricing strategies. A big part of a DA’s job is to communicate what are the products and services that will help you drive your bottom line.

4. What relevant industry insights and trends should I be aware of? – With such innovation in the automotive digital marketing space, what worked a year ago is often not today’s best practice. Your Digital Advisor has a wealth of knowledge and internal resources, and is eager to share them with you. DAs have access to the industry’s largest source of digital shopping data, and consult and coordinate with experts daily to ensure your marketing efforts are ahead of the curve.

Talk to us. Your Digital Advisor is a phone call or email away, here to help you optimize your digital marketing strategy. By combining your expertise at the dealership level with our Solution and industry knowledge, we can enhance your digital marketing efforts, and create profitable returns for your dealership.

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