How Digital Advertising Technology Continually Pushes the Case for Premium Display


Jun 27 12:00 pm
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Internet advertising is quickly gaining momentum in the larger advertising mix. Global ad spend is projected to grow five percent this year to $537 billion, and online ads will account for nearly a quarter of that at $121 billion, according to a recent TechCrunch article. The piece goes on to explain that while search ads have historically dominated the Internet ad category, digital advertising technology is a major factor contributing to the rise of display, which is set to overtake paid search in total spend next year.

The evolution of this technology means opportunities for car dealers to optimize their advertising strategy through display’s high visibility and targeted shopper reach, resulting in more clicks, and leading consumers through the path to purchase. With so much noise and competition for eyeballs on the Internet today, however, it’s critical to serve relevant display ads to the digital properties at which car shoppers are looking. That’s why dealers need to consider Premium Display advertising, which serves contextually relevant ads on the sites that prospective car buyers are already using to research vehicles –  think websites like Car and Driver, J.D. Power, and NADA Guides.

Why Premium Display?

These and other automotive research sites garner 24 million monthly visitors, 79 percent of whom are looking to purchase or lease a vehicle within six months. Such a highly relevant audience translates to increased form submissions, phone leads, vehicle details page views, and site visits.

“79 percent of [car shoppers using automotive research sites] are looking to purchase or lease a vehicle within six months.”

As a result of’s partnership with Jumpstart Automotive, which provides access to ad space on these highly relevant research sites, dealers using Premium Display are exceeding their sales goals. Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, for example, engaged 2,395 new prospects in a single month, 85 percent of which were in-market shoppers.

While advertising technology has evolved tremendously, its core purpose remains the same: target customers who are ready to buy. With Premium Display ads, and the technology driving them, dealers have the tools they need to vary their digital advertising mix, resulting in the engagement of highly qualified and motivated in-market shoppers.

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  1. Pamela Champagne

    Interesting statistics and a good read. Being a web professional myself, I know how important it is to keep on top of new and innovative ways to reach the target market. The digital market continues to expand the possibilities that vendors can use to do that to benefit their customers in the most efficient and secure environment.


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