How Display Advertising Enhances Your Retargeting Strategy


Mar 20 02:57 pm
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As a digital advertiser, serving up retargeted ads has got to be one of the most satisfying parts of the job. Retargeting is powerful and effective, because it reaches your most valuable audience: low-funnel shoppers or shoppers who’ve already visited your website, but haven’t yet converted. They’ve essentially walked into your virtual showroom, and by retargeting them once they “walk out,” you’re automatically following up with them across the web, reminding them of the experience they had while on your dealership’s webpages, and of the vehicles they were researching.

While behavioral and contextual display advertising doesn’t have the same immediate connection to your prospects that retargeting does, it’s just as valuable a part of your overall digital strategy. Why? Because it sends new traffic to your site, and feeds an ever-growing retargeting list, ultimately leading to new leads.

How does this work? Think of retargeting and display as essentially the same thing. Display advertising increases the size of your retargeting list by delivering relevant ads to in-market shoppers, drawing them to your website. Because those shoppers have been on your site, they can now be retargeted after they’ve left, greatly increasing the chances that they’ll convert.

Instead of focusing on retargeting the shoppers who’ve already been on your website, allocate part of your ad spend toward display advertising, and reach thousands more potential leads. The results of this harmonious collaboration of display and retargeting ads has the potential to vastly increase your leads, and bring you plenty more satisfaction.


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