How Re-Engaging Lost Leads Can Re-Ignite Your Sales Performance


May 09 09:55 am
Posted by: welcomes guest blogger Andrew Price, President of CallSource Automotive, a Certified Provider Program.

As any competitive dealership already knows, modern technology has completely revolutionized how automotive retailers engage with their customer base. Paid search and display ads, email marketing campaigns, social media and smartphone apps are just a few ways dealers try to connect with today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Despite these impressive advancements, however, one part of the shopper engagement process still rings surprisingly true – when a customer is ready to buy, he or she picks up the phone.

In fact, recent studies show that more than 80 percent of all shoppers call a dealership before committing to a purchase. Moreover, a 2006 NADA Dealer Academy study found that car shoppers who called a dealership typically made a purchase within seven to 10 days. Today, CallSource client data shows that timeframe shrinking to just three to five days.

But what happens if your call handlers lack the skills to engage these ready-to-buy opportunities?  What happens if one of these potential customers gets dropped mid-conversation, or hangs up because they get put on hold for too long during a rush? That’s where strong call lead management can make an enormous difference.

CallSource provides an array of training and coaching services to ensure that call handlers have the proper skills to turn incoming calls into showroom appointments. But, as a final safety net, its DealSaver® technology promptly alerts dealership management each time a sales opportunity is mishandled so that sales staff can re-engage with unsatisfied customers. With timely follow-up, DealSaver subscribers can increase their sales and save the customer’s experience with your brand.

Let’s take a look at one scenario: A dealership has 20 salespeople. If each salesperson fumbles just one prospect call each day, that dealership is missing out on 100 appointments each week. That’s over 5,000 appointments every year!  If the average profit from each lost sales opportunity is $2,200 per vehicle, just converting 20 percent of these appointments could add $2 million to a dealership’s bottom line.  Without a strong call management process in place, that’s $2 million going to other dealerships.

With CallSource, your dealership can recover these lost profits and provide the training necessary to ensure your team is engaging the right customers at the right time – before they reach a competitor, or a competitor reaches them.

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