How to Incorporate Facebook into Your Dealership’s Advertising Strategy


Feb 21 08:32 pm
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Have you ever considered advertising on Facebook?

If you follow social media advertising, chances are you’ve heard recent rumors that Facebook has essentially become a scam for advertisers. One video in particular has recently gone viral and attempts to show how click farms have ruined the social media giant. Click farms are overseas companies that attempt to sell Likes to advertisers using fake profiles. These click farms have now begun liking as many pages as possible, in an attempt to mask the illegitimate Likes their clients are actually paying for. Unfortunately, fake profiles and click farms have always been a problem with free social networks, something Facebook is consistently working to stop.

Although the critics certainly have some valid points, Facebook’s limitations can be overcome with sound strategy, and the channel remains a vital avenue for dealers to reach both new prospects and loyal customers. Here are the five essential steps to ensure you dealership is set up for success:

1. Target. Target. Target. 
Proper targeting greatly minimizes the chances of click farm fans. If your Facebook ad isn’t being properly targeted, you’re essentially throwing away your advertising dollars. By using precise geographic and sophisticated interest-based targeting, you can reach the exact audience you’re looking for, in this case, auto intenders. After all, what’s the point of acquiring fans on Facebook if they aren’t really interested in engaging with your brand?

2. Embrace the Newsfeed. Facebook’s newsfeed has commonly been referred to more and more as a modern day newspaper. 58% of Facebook users visit the site dailyand of these people, over 50% are actively engaging from a mobile phone. For many, checking their Facebook is just part of a daily routine. This means that lots of eyes are on the Facebook newsfeed. Making sure your ads are primarily running on the newsfeed will maximize their reach and engagement levels across both desktop and mobile platforms.

3. Link ads to your website and blog posts. 
Facebook is a great resource for branding in the community, but it’s also a strong tool for increasing exposure for your blog and website. By using friendly soft sell-promoted posts, a dealer can brand with an image, while driving offsite traffic at the same time.

4. Use Facebook offer ads. Facebook offers are basically coupons that users can redeem directly off of a business’s Facebook page for use at a physical store. The coupons can be printed, emailed or even scanned in some instances. Service departments can easily drive traffic during the slow season using Facebook offers, and can easily track the traffic and results of the campaign.

5. Be creative and have fun with it. 
Facebook users love advertisers that think outside of the box when it comes to promotions. Need more people on your lot? Try promoting ads that highlight a test drive incentive. Maybe you’re looking to drive engagement on your profile? Invite your friends to message you their custom cars of the brands you sell, which you can then repost for even more engagement. The possibilities are endless.

Although there will always be some level of uncertainty with a platform that lets anyone sign up for free, following these tips will help keep your targeted audience engaged and authentic.

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