How to Elevate Your Dealership’s Search Engine Rankings Using Google+


Jun 27 10:41 pm
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While Facebook remains the most prominent social network in terms of user base, Google+ is on the rise as a digital marketing vehicle for dealerships. Its integration with Google’s other products means it can significantly impact your dealership’s visibility on search engines.

In fact, Eric Enge of Search Engine Land recently found that Google+  lifts search rankings more efficiently than Facebook  by generating new pages of content that he made visible only through a Google+ “+1” or a Facebook “Like.” His results?

  • Google picked up on pages that were given a +1 in 4-5 days.
  • Pages given a Like, meanwhile, took nearly 7-8 days.

If this has you ready to make Google+ a bigger part of your social mix, you’re far from alone. Mastering a few basics will help you both grow your fanbase, and improve your dealership’s search results: 

1) Be Personal.

Your Google+ presence shouldn’t be all about business. It should be about the things that make your dealership and staff interesting to your customers and community. Consider uploading photos of community events, sharing news about your employees, and showing interesting, relatable aspects of your unique, personal dealership culture.

2) Choose the right photos.

You’ll also want to consider the photo you use for your Google+ account (and you’ll definitely want to choose one). The profile picture you choose for your dealership should show a shot of your showroom, a group of your finest salespeople, or your management team. It should not show any images unrelated to your business. Here’s an example:Google plus dealership page

3) Engage, don’t just post.

Finally, engagement fuels social impact. Typically traditional business hours and early evening hours are the best times to reach your audience, but you may also want to experiment a bit to determine exactly when your posts generate the most traction. After you post, make sure to also spend some time engaging with your audience:

  • Comment on posts, especially when they’re relevant to the auto industry.
  • Promote others: Share and +1 their automotive news.
  • Be engaging: Provide content readers will enjoy and share.
  • “Circle” others: On Facebook, you “friend” others; on Google+ you circle. In both cases, you add these people to your network and are closely connected with their content. They may even “circle” you back.

For more, reference Google’s help section or our social Do’s and Don’ts for content ideas and best practices.

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