How Your Dealership Can Tackle Tier 1 Advertising Investments this Football Season


Sep 18 09:53 pm
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Football and TV advertising go together like Gatorade and a victorious, unsuspecting head coach.

That’s because an audience of millions of football fans tunes in each week to watch the advertisement-optimized telecast of its favorite teams taking to the gridiron. Car manufacturer ads aired during the commercial breaks reach as broad a swath of viewers as possible, sparking their interest by showcasing new vehicles, inventory clearances, or other specials and incentives. They also cost OEMs millions.


Most car dealerships don’t have the budget to place an ad spot on the weekend’s football games. But they don’t have to. By serving up optimally relevant digital display ads to a targeted in-market audience, dealerships can reach the right shoppers as they jump online after, or often during, the game.


Traditional OEM campaigns run throughout football season. Digital ads connect those campaigns to your dealership.


As the fall inventory “sell down” advances, targeted display advertising – ads that reach shoppers (including football viewers) across 99 percent of the web – is the most cost efficient way to clear space for new inventory and align dealership campaigns with Tier 1 ad spend. Additionally, summer’s end shouldn’t translate into a display ad scale down. On the contrary, recent data suggests that display ad traffic remains steady, if not busier, during the fall. Dealers who maintained the same Display Advertising budget from May until the end of 2014, saw a 33 percent increase in website visits during the fall compared to the busy summer months*. Additionally, the average display ad-generated visit cost two percent less during the fall months compared to the summer*.

There’s a consistently captive football audience out there that’s exposed to a steady stream of flashy Tier 1 advertisements. Dealers can capture as much of the traffic those campaigns generate through targeted, timely display ads to drive fall football traffic to dealership websites and more shoppers to their showrooms.


*Based on a sample of 516 dealers using Display Advertising that did not adjust their display ad budgets from May – December 2014. 

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