Mobile and Tablet Traffic Continue Their Upward Trend as April Auto Sales Rise


May 05 12:00 pm
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After a first quarter slowed by severe winter weather, the automotive industry gained momentum in April with most of the major automakers posting strong gains. Overall, there were 1.39 million cars and light trucks sold last month, a year-over-year (YOY) increase of 8 percent. Activity across our dealer websites echoed these trends with overall traffic to our customer sites increasing by 14 percent and form submissions up 19 percent.







One of the most significant trends we noted in this traffic data is the exponential increases in YOY mobile traffic. Comparing April 2013 to last month, traffic to the platform from mobile devices increased by 33 percent and visits from tablets increased by 25 percent. Further, shoppers spent 75 percent more time and viewed 117 percent more pages on mobile devices this month over last year. We don’t expect these mobile and tablet trends to slow anytime soon.

As 2014 shapes up to be another strong year for the automotive industry, dealers will be under increased pressure to close sales, making it more important than ever to create a Seamless experience for shoppers on any device. Dealers can capitalize on the industry’s strong momentum with two simple strategies for mobile:

  • Deliver the information shoppers seek on their preferred platform to help ensure a better brand experience and conversion rate.
  • Target in-market shoppers with mobile advertisements and incentives to drive increased traffic on mobile devices.

For additional perspective on this month’s auto sales, check out coverage from Detroit Free Press.

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