New Data Points to a Bright Summer for Dealers


Jun 04 10:35 am
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Automotive’s annual summer sales season is heating up, and new data suggests that this year could be a scorcher for auto dealers.

A look across the network shows that national traffic to dealership websites increases throughout early summer, and peaks in July, with a 10 percent year-over-year average increase followed by an August spike in sales. This trend mirrors new Google data showing an increase in automotive search volume beginning in March and peaking around key sales event periods like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

Additional trends also bode well for dealers. Across our network, dealers enjoyed 22 percent more leads this May than they did last year, the economy is strengthening, and interest rates are low.

What can your dealership do to take advantage of this momentum in the online shopping space? Recalibrate your digital advertising mix. Here’s where to start:

  • Ensure your digital budgets align with consumer demand. Increased automotive searches mean more competition for clicks. That means what worked in the winter may no longer be effective. Talk to your media partner to ensure your budget is allocated for the summer traffic season.
  • Launch display and retargeting campaigns. Display ads are particularly effective in automotive, and can be created to both move in-market shoppers through the sales funnel and ensure your competition doesn’t win your business. Display Advertising reaches your shoppers both on the websites they visit every day and on the trusted, auto-specific research sites they’re reading as they zero in on a vehicle purchase. Once the display ad has brought shoppers to your site, retargeted ads ensure shoppers can’t forget the vehicle on your site that they were researching.
  • Leverage national and co-op eligible OEM campaigns. Most manufacturers launch specific national campaigns during the month of July. Dealers can take advantage of these campaigns and use manufacturers’ co-op programs to help their ad dollars go further.
  • Consult with an expert. Your digital partner will help you calibrate an effective digital media mix – from paid search to social. Ask yours specifically about how to take advantage of critical holiday sales periods and events throughout the summer and Labor Day.

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