Sell More Cars this Summer – Targeting, Enticing, and Capturing Qualified Online Shoppers


Jul 01 12:28 pm
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How can you sell more cars in July and August? The simple answer is to increase the number of quality leads – shoppers – who engage you in conversation. The greater question, however, is “How do you identify these shoppers quickly and efficiently so you close more deals when interest is at its peak during the summer months?”

Answer: You need to deliver a compelling sales message to shoppers who are researching the cars you sell (and competing makes/models they are willing to consider) before they commit to a dealership.

Technology – digital display advertising technology in particular  – is evolving to better identify shoppers who are in the market for a new or used vehicle within 90 days. makes use of an exclusive Premium Display network that targets car buyers who are in the middle of researching their purchase on websites like U.S. News and World Report, J.D. Power, and Car and Driver, among others.

Why Invest in Premium Display?

Let’s be clear: You must be fully invested in paid search and retargeting in order to successfully capture the interest of the ‘hand raisers’ who are telling the search engines what they intend to buy. Maximizing your results, which means acquiring dramatically higher numbers of website visitors, requires extending your reach onto the webpages where people are most intensely focused on the car-buying process. This is key because the number of sites that shoppers visit while buying a car is moving past 24 websites, according to Google.

Premium Display Advertising Network

Premium Display ads combine the best of a highly interested audience with technology that learns how to serve the optimal ad on your behalf in real time. In other words, within the 20 milliseconds it takes for a page’s content to load, your Premium Display engine will determine if the website visitor is well into the buying process or just at the beginning, which models will resonate most deeply, and how aggressively to bid for his or her attention.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: Your premium ads don’t stop performing once shoppers have clicked on them, or more likely, opened a new tab and searched for your dealership and the car that appealed to them. This “machine” keeps learning about the most compelling ads and bid combinations, and how these shoppers interact with your vehicles and content once they reach your website.

The end result is a dramatically higher number of qualified website visitors who will buy more cars from you this summer and beyond.

What questions do you have about Premium Display advertising performance?  Email Media Sales Director Joe Mescher:

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