The Six Things Every Dealer Should Know About the Unified Advertising Exchange


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The Unified Advertising Exchange (UAX) is a digital advertising solution that moves cars off your lot more quickly, and at a lower cost than alternative products. It provides a uniquely profitable and time-saving way to capture the attention of local shoppers on the websites and search engines most responsible for driving auto sales. And its targeting capability and integration with websites creates an ideal digital marketing foundation for any size dealership.  


But to really harness the UAX’s power, it helps to view it as a connected family of technology and services that can be tailored to a specific ad strategy. That means understanding its capabilities, and what separates the UAX from other advertising technologies. Accordingly, these are the UAX’s six essential attributes, and how to engage them to market successfully to local, qualified customers in real time:


The UAX:


1. Focuses on advertising channels “closest to the car.”

Multi-channel campaigns are only as powerful as the audiences they reach. For example, you wouldn’t invest in a marketing strategy that favors Internet radio at the expense of bottom funnel leads reached through paid search.


Unified Advertising Exchange campaigns are focused entirely on digital channels that are “closest to the car” — retargeting, paid search, premium and network display, and social media. These channels anchor your ad strategy in the digital mediums most likely to attract – and convert – browsers to buyers during every stage in the buying process.


UAX - Channel Overview



2. Harnesses groundbreaking audience targeting technology.

Until 2009, advertisers purchased display ad impressions from a publisher in bulk for a set price. Each impression cost the same price per unit, even though each one had a different value to a campaign based on whom the ad reached, and whether the stimulus inspired a conversion.


The UAX is different. It’s powered by two new advances in data-driven audience targeting and ad distribution: machine learning and real-time bidding. Powered by machine learning’s collection of data science and audience information, and facilitated through real-time bidding’s ad serving, the UAX delivers continuous growth throughout the life of your campaigns.


It achieves this by calculating the value of a given prospect by evaluating their past actions as a result of advertisements, not just their website history, demographics, or behaviors. The UAX then uses proprietary machine learning technology to bid or pass on ad space aimed for a particular online shopper…all within the 20 milliseconds it takes to load a webpage. This happens billions of times per day, all in service of your investment, to make sure the people who will fill out a form lead or call your dealership to make an appointment are the buyers who get served your display ads.


What does that all mean? Instead of the “spray and pray” method of buying bulk impressions that lack intelligent targeting, the Unified Advertising Exchange interprets vast amounts of consumer data gathered from websites and data exchanges, then evaluates ad inventory in real-time to deliver an ROI that is unrivaled in the industry.


3. Provides exclusive access to automotive research sites.

With the exception of using search engines, online shoppers don’t get much “closer to the car” than they do on sites like Road & Track and Car and Driver. These types of research sites attract an audience of “low funnel” buyers, 81.4% of whom are in-market buyers. The Unified Advertising Exchange targets this audience directly on behalf of dealers. Through a Premium Display advertising channel, the UAX ensures dealer inventory reaches in-market shoppers while they browse premium sites, and even retargets them when they leave these sites. This means that the UAX can retarget the most relevant audience members, even if they’ve never visited your dealership website before.

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4. Reaches shoppers on social media using Facebook Ads.

Dealerships have begun using Facebook to reach their customers with locally relevant messages, photos, and videos, and with good reason: Facebook is the most popular website on the planet, and one of the biggest advertising networks. The social network delivers a quarter of the world’s total daily display ad impressions, and 13% of the Facebook audience are “auto intenders” – people who are in the market for cars. Combining proprietary technology and Facebook tools, the UAX’s dedicated team of social media professionals work with dealers to create campaigns that transform day-to-day social activity into social engagement that advances an overall digital advertising strategy.


5. Leverages expert support professionals.

Successful advertising strategy depends on partnership. The digital advertising landscape can be tricky to navigate, which is why every UAX campaign is backed by a dedicated team of professionals comprising multiple advertising disciplines, from strategic support to day-to-day advertising operations.


Conversations with your team of professionals flow through Digital Advisors – the primary point of contact for every client’s overall partnership. Digital Advisors consult monthly with dealers on UAX strategy, and help clients engage the UAX professionals as needed –from setting up budget consultations with our UAX Media Consultants, to talking through campaign performance in depth with a UAX analyst.

6. Features the industry’s simplest, most powerful ROI measurement tool.

Machine Learning isn’t the only revolutionary technology within the UAX. Every campaign is integrated into the Solution through the industry’s simplest, most powerful ad success management tool: the Unified Advertising Dashboard.


Accessible within ControlCenter, the UAD combines a dealership’s local market data with campaign data across every channel to let you see how much market share your dealership is capturing.


UAD - Updated Overview



While the UAX will continue to evolve, these six fundamentals will provide its foundation. Understanding them will help dealers implement successful strategies in the short term, and create a foundation of knowledge that will drive long term “relevant reach” in any size market. Here’s where to learn more, and contact a UAX pro. 


Joe Mescher is a media consultant


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