Three Things Your Dealership Should Do Following the Big Game


Feb 04 05:51 pm
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The lights have been switched off, the confetti cleaned up, and the roar of 82,529 football fans at MetLife Stadium is but an audible memory. The Super Bowl might be over for another year, but for car dealerships – especially businesses whose manufacturers advertised during Sunday night’s spectacle – the opportunity to kick off featured 2014 model campaigns has only just begun.

First, a little background…

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. In the United States, approximately 111.5 million people tuned in to watch Seattle versus Denver, a day many consider an unofficial American holiday. Add to that number the millions more who watched from across the globe and you’ve got one massively viewed, one-day sporting event, tailor-made for TV.

As we all know, the Super Bowl is just as much about advertising as it is about championship football. So much is advertising woven into Super Bowl fabric that, according to one survey, 78% of respondents would prefer to watch the game with, rather than without, commercials.

This kind of consumer mentality is why car manufacturers, who in recent years have dominated Super Bowl commercial breaks, readily pay the $4 million price tag for a 30-second ad spot.

While catchy car commercials and their astronomical price tags are impressive, do they actually sell cars?

Yes, they do. Across the network, dealership web traffic increases dramatically on the day following Super Bowl Sunday. The Mondays following the games of 2012 and 2013 saw 50% and 47% traffic increases respectively. And website traffic continues to enjoy a boost throughout the following week as Super Bowl commercials remain top-of-mind through social media sharing and re-runs.

Right now there is enormous vehicle brand awareness floating amidst the Super Bowl’s advertising vapor trail. Here are three things dealerships can do to tackle this opportunity:


1. Highlight the vehicles.
Manufacturers launch new campaigns for new vehicles during the Super Bowl. Dealers should adjust their websites to illustrate the vehicles seen during the game. Update your homepage slideshow, introduce specials and incentives, and optimize visibility on vehicle display pages.

2. Write a blog post.
Shoppers are craving your take on the sharp looking truck they saw advertised during the game. Write a blog post about it to capture interest and boost organic SEO at the same time. Note: For dealers using Premium Managed SEO, talk to your consultant about adding Super Bowl-related blog posts.

3. Adjust your advertising.
If you’ve been waiting to increase your paid search spend or introduce retargeting display ads into your repertoire, now is the time to act. Additionally, be aware of the possible competitiveness for keywords due to the increase in search volume. Talk to your SEM analyst about adjusting budgets accordingly. These additional steps will go a long way toward ensuring the competition doesn’t win the same business generated from Super Bowl commercials.


Although the football season has come to an end, new vehicle campaigns are just beginning. Take advantage of manufacturer’s Super Bowl advertising investments through smart digital strategy.


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