Turning Data Into Gold


Apr 26 01:50 pm


Even as we humanize our online presence through social media channels, we tip our hat to the fact that we can still treat all of those “conversations” as data against which we may measure our performance. With the right tools we can see who is talking about us, what they are saying, how they are rating us, and more — and with the right mindset, we can turn our knowledge of these conversations into a powerful tool for taking action.
The emerging conventional wisdom is that your service department is going to be one of, if not the strongest indicators of how your customers perceive your dealership. When folks speak out in those oh-so-public social forums, their experience with the service department is almost always a major factor. This conventional wisdom seems to stand for both the five-star celebrators, and the one-star decriers.
 A challenge for you: go out and look at who is talking about your dealership on Yelp or Facebook or Twitter. What are they saying? Are they talking about your service department? If so, what are they saying?
Measuring and capturing the online conversations about your dealership has become an essential element to a successful marketing strategy. People are discussing your business in several places online and having the right tools in place can help make the process seamless.
No longer are these reviews and individual experiences limited to offline word of mouth. Now the conversation is bigger, your customer has the opportunity to share their experience, good or bad, with thousands of people through these social platforms. Be aware of the conversations and experiences of our customers. Take their feedback and acknowledge when they’ve had a poor experience at one of your stores and thank them when they’ve had a good one! Join the conversation. Be respectful and understanding, just as if they were standing in front of you and let them know that you hear them.
Customers are freely offering you feedback; they’ll praise your business for its strengths and call out some weaknesses you might not have known were there. Use this information to your advantage; analyze the ‘conversational data’ to make your business stronger. Your customers, and bottom line, will thank you for it.by Rob Friesel, User Interface Developer

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