Two Year-End Advertising Trends That Can Help Your Dealership


Oct 30 09:50 am
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The end of the year is a time of celebration. But for car dealerships hoping to sell current inventory by year’s end, it can also produce anxiety. With the holiday shopping season nearly upon us, dealers should be aware of two notable fourth quarter advertising trends that, if incorporated into ad strategy, could provide tidings of great joy.

1). Manufacturers are in the middle of a significant traditional advertising push.

If it feels like there are more car ads on TV this time of year, there are. By the end of 2013, OEMs will spend 26% more on traditional media compared to last year and are investing roughly 1/3 of their annual advertising budgets into Q4 campaigns.

Year End Digital Ad Campaign

2). Online shopping peaks in Q4.

According to recent e-Marketer research, overall e-commerce spending is expected to increase 15% this quarter over last year. This rise suggests a growing, engaged online holiday-shopping audience.


These trends represent opportunity for dealers. Since manufacturers will drive massive awareness through TV ad campaigns, your dealership may be able to adjust strategy to complement their campaigns and generate increased traffic and leads. For instance, as increased OEM ads drive new vehicle search traffic, you may want to increase your paid search investment to ensure visibility, evolve your display campaigns to align with OEM spend and e-commerce habits, or adjust your retargeting strategy to account for your increased website audience.

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