What Makes a Great Facebook Business Page?


Aug 10 04:00 am


 It seems as though every business has a custom Facebook page today and why not? It’s not only a great way to extend your brand experience to the social web but there are plenty of tools that make it easy to get your custom Facebook page up and running.

So what does a great Facebook page look like? Before we start listing brands and companies that do a great job of creating a custom experience we have to answer one question first:

What is the goal of your custom page? (hint: the answer is to engage with your customers).

According to Nielsen,  the average person spends 7 hours on Facebook , making this a great channel to actively engage your audience. People love to connect with their friends and share things they find around the web; so let’s give them just that – content that they can engage with and share.

One of the biggest challenges for companies establishing a social presence is capturing the attention of their consumers. Before embarking on your custom pages make sure you can answer these 4 questions:

  1. 1. Why would a consumer want to ‘Like’ your page?
  2. 2. What content will you offer that is unique to your FB page and that your fans will want in their news stream?
  3. 3. Who is responsible this content and what is the approval process?
  4. 4. How will you measure success?

While you don’t have to have all the answers right away, it is important that you can define your plan. Outlining your goals and the process will be key when assesing what has been successful and what changes to make for future pages.

Now, let’s a take a look at custom Facebook pages that do a great job of incorporating their brand but still offering fun and shareable content for their fans:


Zappos has always been about customer service and their Facebook page is focused on furthering that relationship. From the Welcome page inviting fans to be in a Like-Like relationship, to their Fan of the Week profile picture, Zappos has dedicated their page to interacting and conversing with their customers.

Customers love to share their experience with the brand and Zappos encourages their fans to upload their content showcasing how Zappos is a part of their life.

People love to talk about themselves and Zappos knows it. Their daily updates are dedicated to asking their fans questions about what they like, such as their favorite movie or how they’d describe their personal style. Whatever they do Zappos ties it back to their customer. They’ve created several apps such as Mappos, Zappos Instagr.am and the WOW sticker gallery that make it easy and fun for their fans to interact.

With the WOW Sticker gallery,  Zappos sends stickers with each purchase and encourages their fans to share what they’ve done with them. Here you can upload your own image to their gallery and easily invite your friends to do the same. The content is easily shareable and subtly promotes the brand as their Fans post links to their images on their walls.

How can you do this?

You don’t have to give away a car but you can give away something small. People love their cars and asking Fans to share something about them is a great way to foster a relationship between the dealership and your customers.

Action Item: Have a competition to see which Fan has the dirtiest car. The winner is awarded a free carwash and detail. Fans can upload pictures of their dirty cars to a dedicated album (or contest widget) and then vote on whose vehicle is most deserving of a complete detailing and car wash. (Note: Facebook has updated their guidelines regarding contests so be sure to check them out before starting.)

Angry Birds:

Like Zappos. Angry Birds has created a space dedicated to their fans. Not only does the Angry Bird Facebook page keep their fans up to date on the latest game updates and additions, but they have give-aways, daily deals and a gallery just for fan art.

Die hard Angry Birds fan? They’ve got toys and plushies and iPhone cases for that! Angry Birds online shop lets their fans purchase products right through their Facebook page, encouraging people to Like and share products with their friends.  They also offer fun and free content through Spotlight. Spotlight is an app lets fans send Angry Bird e-cards to their friends. Simply choose your favorite image, select your friends and submit. This is a great way to have fans easily share your content and drive new fans to your Facebook page.

How can you do this?

Create original content just for your Facebook page. Offer information that is useful to your fans and that cannot be found anywhere else. Create a section dedicated to serving as a resource for their vehicles and car questions.

Action Item: Ask your service manager what the most common questions and problems are that could have been easily avoided if identified earlier, this will help you identify areas of interest that you can educate your customers on. One common question is what the service lights on the dash mean. Creating a page that quickly decodes the meaning of these notifications is easy to create and is a useful page that your customers can refer back to and share.


Welcoming a luxury sports car into your automotive family is a big decision and Porsche recognizes how passionate their customers are about their vehicles. Porsche embodies a lifestyle and their Facebook page does an excellent job of enabling their fans to voice their dedication to the brand in a fun and interactive way.

One of the most notable features of the page is all of the interactive apps they have created for their customers From the Carrera GTS discussion to the Everyday Amazing app, this page has been created for their fans.

Design Your Own Porsche is an app that encourages Fans to design and share their dream car with friends. You can choose your model, colors and rims, making this a fun and engaging way to keep fans on your Facebook page. Once you’ve finished designing your custom Porsche, they’ve included easy share buttons to let you send your creation to a friend or post it on your wall for everyone to see.

We’ve all seen mosaics, thousands of smaller images combined to make one larger image. Only when you look closely do you see that the main image is made up of several others.  Now you can make a mosaic with your own images, on Porsche’s Facebook page. After allowing the app to access your profile, Porsche pulls in all your photos to create a custom mosaic just for you.  Choose from several iconic Porsche photos to create your own work of art and then save it to your Facebook albums, making it easy to share on your wall and with your friends.

How can you do this?

Not everyone has the time or resources to dedicate to creating apps like Porsche. Instead, why not focus on getting to know your fans? People love to share their opinions and Facebook Questions is an easy way to interact with your fans.

Action Item: Post a question 1-2x per week asking people something about themselves and their preferences such as “How often do you wash your car? Do you take it to the car wash or wait for it to rain?” or “The weather is perfect and it’s time for vacation! Will you be driving or flying to your favorite summer retreat?”

Take advantage of this forum to find out what your customer’s pain points are or what they’re missing. Maybe you find that many of your fans prefer to use the car wash and are driving to their vacations spot;  take advantage of this information and  offer a special discount exclusively to your Facebook fans the next time they wash their car or a come in for a road trip tune-up.

Another way to keep the conversation going is by including video updates and features on your page. Video is a great way to sell cars for a reason, it’s engaging. Try adding videos that are exclusive to your Facebook page to drive traffic to these features.

Action item: Interview your GM, Service Manager or Sales people and let your customers “meet” them online. This will put a face to your dealership’s name. People identify with and relate to someone who is warm and personable, more so than just a logo. Be careful not to make the videos too sales driven and focus on establishing that your staff are real people.  (10 Reasons to use Video)

The first step to creating a great Facebook page is offering unique content and listening to your fans. Above are just a few examples of easy ways that your dealership can build out your corner of the social web.  For more examples of great Facebook pages visit:

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by Elise Richardson, Digital Marketing Specialist

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