Five Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Dealership’s Website Experience


Feb 27 10:21 pm
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Visibility should be a dealership’s top priority. But standing out in the crowded and competitive digital landscape is no small feat. Just as your physical dealership goes to great lengths to brand its uniqueness to help generate shopper interest – from building appearance, staff dress code, merchandizing, even name – so, too, should you explore options for truly making your business’s website stand out from the rest.



Here are five tips to take your brand’s digital presence to the next level:

1. Check with Compliance First – It’s not the most exciting tip, but it’s very important: OEM approval should be at the beginning of every decision involving branding. Always make sure to consult your brand’s Regional Compliance Team to ensure your specific customizations are allowed.

2. Start Blogging – Blogging is a very effective way to inform your customers, bring a wealth of SEO value to your site, and establish “the voice” for your dealership. Blog posts should be informative and professional to supplement marketing strategy, but lively and interesting with original content, tags, and images to keep the reader engaged. Try out different subject material. Some dealer blogs include customer testimonials, a great way to add personality and regional recognition to your site. Just don’t let your blog get stagnant! Shoot for four posts a month to keep content fresh and the customer wanting to read more.

Dealer spotlight:

World Imports USA

Hurley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 

Butler Toyota 

3. Build Two New Pages Each Month – Even if you’re using a website vendor, building supplemental pages on your website can strengthen marketing campaigns, increase SEO rankings, or communicate special programs and events you may have. Aim to create one or two pages a month rich in valuable content, ensuring your site continues to grow just as fast as your business does.

Dealer Spotlight:

Vaden Automotive Group

The Collection Audi

4. Merchandize Your People, Not Just Your Inventory – Build staff pages and create original content specific to your dealership by utilizing the “About Us” page. “Humanizing” your dealership is a great way to reinforce cultural values and build trust before your shoppers even walk through the door.

Dealer Spotlight:

Cavender Toyota

5. Create Opportunities to Brand and Reach Out – Incorporate custom headers and backgrounds into your site. Need more financing leads? Remove hesitation by adding welcoming and immediately helpful content to your page. Add content that proves you want to earn your customers’ business, reminds them of who you are, and reassures them that you have a team of the best people in automotive ready and wanting to help.

Dealer Spotlight:

US 1 Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Vaden Nissan


















Shoppers are obviously coming to your website to research your inventory and pricing. But give them more content than they are expecting, a website experience that goes beyond simply selling cars. These five tips will go a long way toward turning general car shoppers into your dedicated customers.

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  1. Hurst

    Thanks for the tips. Been thinking about adding a blog. Working on our about us page for employee bios. There’s a lot to keep up with these days but we try and make our site inviting. I get caught up in inventory versus customer experience. Thanks for the ideas.


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