G4 Analytics Update

Update: Dealer.com continues to evolve its GA4 offerings! Custom events are now available in the GA4 retail integration

Why are custom events important?

  • Custom events allow dealers to capture important interactions with inventory, forms, and digital retailing that they wouldn’t get out of the box with GA4 reporting.

What are the benefits of Dealer.com’s GA4 retail integration?

  • Designed specifically for GA4
    • Custom events are tailored to the new data structure and intended to maximize the benefits of GA4
  • Low effort!
    • Automatically capture most important user interactions without any additional code
  • Lays foundation for conversion tracking
    • Capture on-platform form submissions and mobile click-to-call, both critical to accurate conversion tracking

What interactions are captured in the retail integration?

  • On-platform form submissions & mobile click-to-call
  • Accelerate DR interactions
  • Inventory photo carousel engagement
  • Specials slideshow & banner engagement
  • Intuitive content categorizations
  • Metadata related to inventory, form type, content details and more!

Provide your Performance Manager with a GA4 measurement ID and let them take care of the rest!

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