June Auto Trends Reinforce the Rise of the Tablet and Mobile Shopper

VW_DigitalRetailingDid you know that summer is the auto industry’s most critical selling season, with dealers typically generating as much as 35 percent of their total annual sales volume during the summer months?


This year is no exception, and based on recent digital trends, it’s crucial that your dealership is prepared to welcome a surge in digital traffic.

Temperatures are not the only thing on the rise this summer. In June, mobile and tablet traffic combined accounted for 46 percent of all website traffic, a 51 percent increase over the same month last year. Mobile and tablet continue to drive a large portion of auto traffic, reinforcing the need for a seamless channel experience.

The information online should parallel the information available at your dealership. In today’s digital world, car shoppers expect to easily access the information they want online and when browsing on their phones. With Digital Retailing, shoppers can even go as far as putting down an online deposit without ever entering the showroom.

Despite the widely accepted notion that millennials don’t buy cars, millennials accounted for 27 percent of new car sales in the U.S. last year, second only to generation X, their parents. The rise of the millennial auto consumer corresponds with a massive spike in social media visits, resulting in a staggering 153 percent more visits to dealers’ social media profiles and 189 percent more visitors since June of last year. Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. and world history, and your dealership needs to embrace this opportunity and adjust its marketing strategies.

We can’t stress the digital revolution enough. Want proof? Last summer, Hansel BMW of Santa Rosa used targeted display to maximize its digital reach and relevance. It saw a dramatic lift in qualified traffic, 89 percent more VDP views, and 43 percent more leads.

It’s not too late for your dealership to see similar results this summer. Celebrate these long days by investing in digital and watching how in-store demands follow online leads.

Dave Winslow is Vice President, Digital Strategy at Dealer.com