Big Web Traffic During The Big Game Across the Network


A few weeks before 111.9 million TV viewers tuned in to watch Denver trounce Carolina in football’s championship event, we posted an article entitled 4 Steps to Prepare Your Digital Advertising for The Big Game. To summarize, we claimed, as we’ve seen in past years, that the Big Game would drive significant online traffic across automotive. And we were right.

Across our entire network, website visits per dealer on Sunday, February 7, 2016 were 4.1X higher than any other Sunday of the year (compared to all Sundays in 2015). This is up from the Big Sunday in 2015, when we saw traffic 3.9X higher than on any other Sunday. Thirty-nine percent of this increased traffic happened between the hours of 4:00-11:00PM EST.

The impact on vehicle display page views was even higher. Across our entire platform, we saw a 4.8X increase in VDP views during the game compared to a normal Sunday evening in 2015. This indicates that people are not just searching to re-watch the commercials, they’re actively shopping for a car.

Unsurprisingly, much of the increased traffic was on mobile devices. Traffic during the Super Bowl was 57% on mobile devices, compared to only 42% during a normal Sunday evening. Is your website Seamless?

Now, you might be thinking, doesn’t matter, my OEM didn’t buy an ad spot. Our data shows that that doesn’t matter. The top five brands that saw an increase in web traffic this Sunday (compared to a normal 2015 Sunday) were:

Hyundai : +68%

VW : +68%

GMC : +63%

Nissan : +58%

Toyota : +57%

Of these, only Hyundai and Toyota bought an ad spot this year.

Additionally, there were many brands that saw increased traffic this year compared to last year, overall. This year’s top five were:

Volvo : +5%

Ford : +5%

Audi : +4%

Honda : +3%

Infinity : +3%

Only Honda and Audi bought an ad spot.

The buzz isn’t over yet. People are still talking about Eli Manning’s face, the halftime show, and just what the heck Puppy Monkey Baby was about. Most importantly, automotive ads aired during The Big Game continue – and will continue – to inspire people to search for cars on dealer websites. If you didn’t get ready before the game, get in now. You’re only three weeks away from the big sales month of March. Preseason starts now.

James Grace is the director of product management analytics at