5 Steps to Creating a Great Special

Tips for easy on-site merchandising with Specials Campaign Manager

With your new Specials Campaigns Manager tool, you can apply automation to deliver coupons, slides and banners across your website experience and for every profit center.

This powerful upgrade not only helps you create and deploy great looking specials in seconds right from your ControlCenter, it also feeds our personalization engine* to position these creative assets alongside relevant vehicles and other important content on your website.

Creating great looking specials is simple! Just follow these easy steps.

First, select the type of special you want. Dealers can choose from five categories: Vehicle, Model Offer, Service, Parts, and Event/Other. Let’s start with a Vehicle Special. (Note: Experience Optimization Package subscribers have the option to have Model Offer specials built automatically from your OEM’s incentives feed.)

Second, determine which groups of vehicles you want to promote. For this example, let’s say you want to promote inventory that has been on your lot greater than 4 months. Select “Days On Lot” from the Menu, then Select “Greater Than” and type 120 in the “Days” field. (Note, if you wish to add to your criteria, you can simply click “Add Filter” to narrow your focus.) Once you are satisfied with your query, click Next.

In the next group of fields, title your special, add a description and any applicable terms and conditions. You’re almost done! Click Next.

Now, set the call to action label and destination. By default, Model Offer and Vehicle Specials link to a filtered listing page of vehicles that match your criteria. (You can also link to a model specific page, your fixed-ops or custom specials page). Lastly, check the boxes where you would like your special to appear and the applicable dates for this sale.

Finally, create your campaign! It’s that simple! Specials Campaign Manager will render your specials in HTML5 using styling that matches your website and aligns with your brand. If you have your own custom assets, you can leverage those by clicking “Customize” below each destination. (If you customize with your own creative assets, we will not overlay the content you added on the previous screen.)

Note: Dealers also have the option to upload a custom background, and we will overlay the specials content on top of it. You can do that via the Preferences on the Slideshow, Coupon, and Banner widgets in your Dealer.com Composer. Or, if you subscribe to our Managed Content and Creative service, we can create and upload custom images for you.

Specials Campaign Manager helps you create consistent promotions across your entire digital experience, and gets you closer to achieving your sales goals with very little heavy lifting. Whether you want to quickly leverage a new OEM incentive,  move those final few models from last year, publicize a Brake Service special or a dealership charity event, we’ve got you covered.

As always, if you have any questions about using Specials Campaign Manager, reach out to your Digital Strategist.