An Audience of Car Shoppers

Part of the Unified Advertising Exchange, Premium Display Advertising provides unrivaled access to a premium network of trusted automotive research sites, and its audience of car shoppers:

  • 9 leading automotive publications
  • 24 million monthly visitors, 79% of whom are looking to purchase or lease a vehicle within 6 months.

Groundbreaking Relevance

With Premium Display, industry-leading targeting capability combines with Dynamic Vehicle Ad technology to place a gallery of your specific inventory in front of likely buyers while they research vehicles on the sites they trust most. Each ad maps your specific inventory to extensive shopper data and browsing patterns to automatically serve optimally relevant vehicles to every individual shopper. Learn more about Dynamic Vehicle Ad technology.

Reach shoppers at decision points

Premium Display placements stand out on research sites, placing your branded messages alongside trusted automotive editorial content to connect with active in-market shoppers as they near their final purchase decisions.

UAX - Channel Overview

Unified Advertising Exchange Integration

Premium Display advertising is powered by the Unified Advertising Exchange, an industry-leading combination of advertising products and services that power optimally relevant ads across the digital channels that drive vehicle sales – retargeting, paid search, display and social media.


Strategic advertising professionals will set up your Premium Display campaigns and align them with your overall digital advertising mix to reach shoppers at every stage in their shopping process – from awareness, to consideration, to purchase intent.

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