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CallSource provides the industry’s most comprehensive call-lead management services. Phone calls to your dealership are potential customer leads. CallSource tracks incoming calls, accepted or missed, ensuring easy follow-up for every phone lead opportunity. CallSource delivers robust phone communication analytics to measure sales performance, and provides complete phone skills training to empower an accomplished and expert sales staff.


60% of shoppers whose calls are mishandled buy from a different dealer. DealSaver automatically alerts you each time a sales opportunity is missed, providing a safety net to ensure that prospective sales are never passed up.


Shoppers who phone a dealership typically make a purchase within 7-10 days. LeadScore filters your true prospects from other types of calls and identifies their ad source.

Telephone Performance Analysis and Training

On average, less than one in 10 sales calls result in an appointment. TPA evaluates your employees and assigns training targeting their individual needs.

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