Search for Cars by Monthly Payment

SearchByPayment™ technology allows shoppers to search and sort all vehicles in inventory by monthly payment, providing browsing convenience and driving traffic to vehicle detail pages where customers are more likely to convert. To further meet shoppers needs, banner ads deliver relevant offers specific to each customer through a pre-filtered inventory feed, also available to display on Facebook.

Accurate and Transparent Pricing

PaymentLogix™ places the best monthly payment option next to the dealer’s displayed price on vehicle landing and detail pages, and on a Facebook inventory page. This tool enhances convenience, clarity, and transparency, giving customers the confidence to choose dealers based on the accuracy of their advertised payments. PaymentLogix assures advertising compliance, providing automated legal disclosures for each vehicle quoted.

Integrated and Simplified Offers

OfferDriver™ provides simplified integration of accurate and compliant lease and loan payments for dealers’ advertising strategies. This tool creates all possible payment scenarios from selected lenders and delivers relevant and exchangeable information through the most effective shopping channels. Partners can integrate vehicle payment information into their own user interface to advertise payments, build offers, and create specials.

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To learn more about Offerlogix, complete the form below. customers can also upgrade through Marketplace in ControlCenter.