BMW Digital Retailing Offer

Online deals. On your terms.

By integrating Cox Automotive’s comprehensive digital retailing solutions with the industry’s top-performing BMW websites, you control key stages in the online deal-making experience. The result is a complete online to in-store sales workflow that saves customers time and sells cars faster.


BMW USA has reported great lead conversion results from early adopters of Digital Retailing, and is offering to split the cost with any dealer who enrolls in the Digital Retailing Premium Package by 12/31/17.


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Create and control the online to in-store experience.

By integrating Cox Automotive Digital Retailing into your solution, you get everything you need to complete deals on your website, plus total control over every aspect of the transaction. The most comprehensive and flexible digital retailing solution available*, it’s trusted by over 3,000 dealers nationwide to deliver total control over the deal, all within the “non-linear” deal-making process today’s consumers and dealers need to maximize both the online and in-store experience.


The solution also integrates fully with Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, allowing you to engage and transact with shoppers on the leading third-party shopping and research sites more consistently and effectively than ever before.

Land consumers on the right car, with accurate payments and financing.

With Digital Retailing, you can immediately build an authentic connection with your online customers, providing accurate payments and financing along with complete vehicle details. Since 9 out of 10 of today’s shoppers are “payment shoppers,” it’s the best way to connect buyers to inventory and land them on a car

Eliminate trade valuation hassles through exclusive Kelley Blue Book integration.

Exclusive Kelley Blue Book integrations across your Digital Retailing solution allow you to leverage the industry’s most trusted name in vehicle valuation. Consumers experience a greater feeling of control in their valuation process which reduces the friction of trade negotiation.

Speed up the credit process, with secure credit approval.

Digital Retailing also includes a secure, online credit approval process, allowing you to reduce transaction time and potential deal “friction.” You you can respond quickly to credit applications with a confirmed deal that can be accepted online by the shopper.

Maximize every transaction with integrated F&I merchandising.

83% of consumers are interested in learning about F&I products before entering the dealership. Digital Retailing makes it easier to capitalize on this opportunity by integrating F&I merchandising into the overall deal-making experience, helping you clarify and showcase your protection products and make them a more integral part of the consumer experience.