This is not onesizefitsall” course catalog. Because dealerships aren’t all the same, they dont require the same solutions. Courses are organized around solutions to common problems and opportunities in your dealership.  You are guided to the solutions that address performance gaps and provide the best impact for each store.

DrivingSales University Dealer Training Services:

  • Certified Basic Dealership Plan

  • Certified Tailored Performance Plus

  • Individual Digital Marketing Manager Certification

  • Individual Advanced Marketing Manager Certification



Package Description Features
Certified Basic Dealership Plan: The Basic Dealership Plan courses help you optimize your Digital Processes for eight students. Designed for dealer sales and BDC departments. 70+ On Demand Courses, 1 Hour/Mon. Performance Coaching, Measurable Progress Reporting, Quarterly Performance Reviews
Certified Tailored Performance Plus: The Tailored Performance Plus courses help you optimize your digital structure, marketing, and processes for unlimited students. Designed for the entire dealership. 270+ On Demand Courses, 1 Hour/Mon. Performance Coaching, Learning Reinforcement Activities, Quarterly Performance Reviews
Individual Digital Marketing Manager Certification: The Certified Digital Marketing curriculum is a comprehensive overview of seven Internet marketing disciplines: search engine optimization (SEO), social media, conversion optimization, web analytics, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), mobile marketing and content marketing. Taught by experts in the fields of Internet marketing, this certification is a must for dealership employees managing digital marketing.
Individual Advanced Marketing Manager Certification: These certification courses cover the latest techniques and strategies for maximizing your digital marketing efforts. Upon completion, you earn industry exclusive DrivingSales University Certified Digital Marketing accreditation. Enrollment in Individual Digital Marketing Manager Certification is a prerequisite Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)