Q: How many posts are included in the managed social services?

A: There are 6 posts in total per week.
2 unique topics that generate one post for each of the following networks: Facebook, Twitter & Google+. This means that each week you will receive:
2 Facebook posts
2 Tweets
2 Google+ posts


Q: Shouldn’t I be posting more often than that?

A: While you’re fully encouraged to post more, there has been quite a lot of thought put into the posts that we deliver. Research on our end has shown that local businesses should limit their social media activity in order to ensure maximum engagement for posts that are made.


Q: Can I substitute posts in one social network for another (i.e. instead of two on each network, just have 6 posts on one)?

A: Yes, if you would rather remain more active on one social network than others, our team can create a unique strategy for your specific dealership.


Q: Do I have to provide my social media login credentials to you?

A: Our writing team demonstrates the utmost integrity and discretion when handling such sensitive information. That being said, you are welcome to go into SRM and set up your social networks so that you don’t have to provide us with passwords. Likewise, you can also authorize our user accounts to post on your behalf.


Q: Does the Managed Social service include monitoring of my social media feeds?

A: Yes. Through our tool called SRM, we can set up alerts that notify us when comments are detected. When negative comments or questions are posted, our team will reach out to you in a timely manner with a suggested course of action.


Q: What if I don’t have any social media accounts? Will you set them up for me?

A: We would prefer that you set up your own accounts. This ensures that you keep ownership of the accounts in the future. We will, however, optimize your accounts on your behalf at the time of launch.


Q: Should I have my dealership’s page follow other businesses/people on social media?

A: Yes. This gives us an idea of who from your community you want us to be interacting with on social media accounts.


Q: Should I be posting on my social media channels while Dealer.com is as well?

A: You’re still fully encouraged to post as well – there will often be things that our writing staff cannot create on their own, such as customer testimonials, pictures of new car owners, dealership staff bios, etc.


Q: How can I monitor my performance for Managed Social?

A: SRM will soon feature social reporting, which is one of the reasons it is highly suggested that you set it up? Monthly reports will also be sent to you.


Q: I want you to write about a specific topic for a social media post! Can you?

A: Our team loves taking requests for topics. In fact, it’s quite helpful as it can give us some insight into the kind of brand image you want to promote.


Q: I’m nervous about having someone manage my social media feed. Can I see what you’re going to post before it’s published?

A: Yes. We’ll be happy to preview any posts we write before pushing them out to your followers/fans. That being said, we would like to develop a level of trust where you are comfortable with us posting on your behalf without prior approval. We generally aim for this after 2-3 weeks of posting.


Q: Does that mean I don’t have any control over what’s posted?

A: Not at all, we love taking topic requests! Just let us know what you want to see and we’ll make sure it’s posted.


Q: Do we have to post on certain days of the week?

A: We’ve done research into which days of the week are most effective for posting, but the actual dates of the posts can be completely up to you.

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