Build, deliver, manage, measure, report and fulfill Spiff programs in real-time. Transactions and Spiff programs are reconciled automatically providing instant gratification for staff and measurable performance for managers. Spiffit gives you levers to move people to action. Run programs that support marketing campaigns and add a “push” to your “pull”. Start experiencing greater ROI today!

Why Spiffit

Real-time tools for implementing motor space sales strategies. A wisely planned and coordinated incentive program will allow you to implement and track your dealership’s sales team performance and efficiently administer the Spiff payouts





Drive ROI

Incentives influence transactions; ultimately powering sales performance and increasing the bottom-line revenue for your dealership.





Motivate Staff

Spiffit drives behavior and allows management to track the leaders; encouraging all participants to increase performance.





Increase Sales

Program participants see their Spiff levels grow with every transaction providing instant gratification. Results are compared to other participants; creating an urgency to sell more.





Program Transparency

No more claims captured on slips of paper (chits) piled on a manager’s desk, along with detailed reports kept on reams of paper in a controller’s office. Salespeople can see how they are performing in real-time.





Real-time Tracking

All of your dealership staff will see meaningful dashboards, which are easily monitored; putting real-time performance at your fingertips.






Managers and Administrators create programs, track performance, view current liabilities, reconcile claims, distribute awards & download program data for accurate, concise reports in EXCEL, WORD, or PDF files.






Data by itself has no value. An automated Spiff program will help manage and drive your sales team to reach their peak performance.





Save Time & Money

No need to run lengthy reports to see how your team is performing. Computer dashboards are in front of you with easy-to-read metrics that are simple to track and provide real-time compiled sales information; promoting cohesive “push” strategies.




Incentive Dashboard

The Spiffit dashboard application program interface (API) is an incentive delivery, management, fulfillment and reporting tool. We make managing Spiffs simple.

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