Drive a more personalized digital storefront without the manual effort.

Personalizing the shopper journey on your website has never been more critical, and more simple. Dealer.com’s Experience Optimization technology delivers personalized inventory and incentives recommendations to shoppers who visit your website based on their vehicle preferences.

Winner of two consecutive Automotive Website Awards for innovation, Experience Optimization delivers high-impact personalization to your website automatically, putting potential buyers in front of the information that matters most to them.

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Curated Shopping Experiences

Today’s shoppers are looking for relevance in their eCommerce experiences. Experience Optimization gives it to them, with data-driven inventory and incentives personalization across your website. Powered by technology and insights only available from Dealer.com, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, Experience Optimization turns a shopper’s journey into tangible results for your business, increasing VDP engagement by 2-2.5x and boosting lead conversion by 12 percent.

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Inventory Recommendations Based on Shopper Preferences

Experience Optimization analyzes unique shopper data from Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, some OEM sites, and recent visits to your website, and uses this intelligence to display only the most relevant inventory, incentives and specials when shoppers return to your digital storefront.

Dealership Website Optimization

Tailored Specials and Incentives

Dealer.com’s dynamic content targeting engine ensures that the most relevant ads, banners, and slideshows from Specials Campaign Manager are automatically displayed adjacent to recommended inventory. Creative is deployed in real-time to your homepage and vehicle listings pages, as well as promotions and fixed operations pages by default, but these assets can be configured to display to the locations on your website that best match your strategy.

Measure the Impact of Personalization

Experience Optimization is proven to increase VDP engagement and lead volume, but dealers can measure the impact for themselves right from ControlCenter. Easily analyze personalization performance against  other traffic sources using the Analyze Traffic Report, which allows a dealer to see traffic, website engagement and traffic quality for experience-optimized visits vs. non-optimized visits, along with trends.

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